Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anything that hops, creeps and flies... anything of any size

Wonder if she's flown the coop? There was a lot of activity here, but the little wren that had so happily announced her presence every day seems to have finished her business and has left.

This fellow's size may take care of anything that normally would threaten a toad... it looks as though he's quite content to think he's toadally in control. His good points: He doesn't leave, he's not noisy, he's rather cute, and he's reliably on duty.

Little bitty Chorus Frogs are some of the smallest frogs to be found here... several would fit in a teaspoon. However, they make up for their size in the loudness of their call!

They have a "camouflage" tan body with darker stripes running the length of their bodies. You can gauge the size of this little guy by the size of my finger.
I don't know about the fellow below... it looks as though he's sneaking off the corner of the flower bed. Perhaps in hot pursuit of something delectable?Guess that's about all the "wildlife" I could find. Not much "hoppin' " in the shade today. :-)

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Dellits said...

Cute! I just love frogs!