Entering Autumn - 2014 - This backyard view from upstairs in the dining room.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Inside Tree

Merry Christmas!

The year 2007 is passing by... and quickly!

May your upcoming 2008 contain rich blessings: good health, safe travel, warm memories made with family and friends, and delightful "small moments."

Some Christmas Ornaments from the tree: A soft-sculpture star I made years ago, a crocheted bell created by my Aunt MEA and given me this year...

... a random shot of a couple of ornaments, and

wishing you Peace.

(Nothing shady about that!) :-)

Check out this link to see Christmas Memories in the Making!


Ewa said...

Your decorations are so sweet :) Happy Christmas!

2greenthumbsup said...

I love your inside tree and the photos you've taken of the icy outdoors are gorgeous!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Dellits said...

Merry Christmas!! Love, A and B

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Happy New year, since Christmas is over :). Lovely tree and ornaments.

Shady Gardener said...

Happy New Year! (I will be getting Christmas cards mailed, now that we'll be home for awhile!) ;-) Guess I'll call them "New Year's Cards!