Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

Yippee! If you read the comments section, you'll see the help I received on the identification of these plants... which are not Snowdrops at all, but Snowflakes! Thanks for the help!!

I've watched people's posts all Spring... and many people have these Snowdrops. They've grown and bloomed much earlier everywhere else. But, look what's blooming in my garden this morning! I only have two plants. I don't remember planting them. But I certainly must have, since I created the beds! ;-)

So, my question is... which Snowdrop is it? Can you tell? I'd appreciate any input you might have. I'm especially headed for Iowa boy and Mr. McGregor's Daughter to ask for their opinions. ;-)

Nothing shady... just mystified. lol.

Green Thumb Sunday
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IBOY said...

shady... funny; you e-mailed me to ask about an i.d. while I was looking at your blog. It's not a snowdrop, rather a snowflake; specifically Leocojum aestivum (the summer snowflake, though it blooms in mid-spring). Mine are just starting to bloom. If you ever read Elizabeth Lawrence's book The Little Bulbs, she talks about how down south everybody thinks snowflakes are snowdrops.

ted said...

It's not a snowdrop (galanthus) at all. It's a snowflake, leucojum. I'd guess spring snowflake, leucojum vernum. The other option is leucojum aestevum, summer snowflake. And a great plant at as well. Enjoy!

No Rain said...

Don't know the answer to your question--the flower doesn't grow here, but happy GTS anyway!

Gail said...

It's lovely isn't it. I have snowflake in my garden and it's blooming right 6/7. It's the only snowflakes we usually get!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

You got the info from Don the expert. I've never grown Leucojum, but now I think I might have to try it. Yours is very cute!

J said...

Shady, they're beautiful! How tall are they? They look about as large as a regular snowdrop, but I've read that summer snowflakes are usually 18 inches tall or more. Love the violets, too.

J said...

Hmm, I just noticed your praise for Hallson Gardens. I'm a-gonna check them out!

Elizabeth Joy said...

I wish some snowdrops and snowflakes would sneak into my garden. I admire them in other people's gardens, but have never purchased any bulbs. The seem so pretty.

And by the way, I didn't know there were two different kinds either.

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks for stopping, everyone! :-)

iboy, I just knew I'd found my local expert! :-) Thanks for the info. I believe I'd better pick up Elizabeth Lawrence's book... you've quoted her before!

Snowflakes are SO Pretty!

Ted, Sounds like you'd be a handy fellow to check in with, too! Thanks!

Aiyana at No Rain, Thanks for stopping in!

Gail, You're quite a bit south, aren't you! We're technically now Zone 5, but I can't help but play it safe and stick with Zones 4 or 3! :-)

MMD, Yep... I think with the collection of various items you have at your house, you need these! ;-)

J, Hi! Well... I think mine are about 12" tall or so. These violets actually belong to Tricia at "As the Garden Grows." I used them to mark her site. ;-) I do have little violets all over, though. What do you think about Hallson? I was SO impressed. And they returned my e-mail.

EJ, They are very pretty. I'd assume you could grow them!

kate smudges said...

These are pretty flowers - I'm glad that I read through the comments and discovered the correct name. I would love some of these in my garden.

Layanee said...

It is the only snowflake I would want to see this time of year. Very delicate isn't it. On the list!

Shady Gardener said...

Kate, Snowflakes are very easy to come by... they're in flower catalogs.

Layanee, I've had my comments "kept" until I review them. Think I'm going to undo that feature... I lost your other comment. And I agree that the white daffodils are a nice contrast to the others. And I agree with your statement about seeing snowflakes!!! This is the only one I could appreciate in April/May. Now, when it comes to December, I'll look forward to the others! ;-)