Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Eeking (or Seeking) a Moment for a Post

Just Quickly, before it's the first of May, I want to show you a couple of things that have been growing around here!

Then I'd encourage you to head over to Making Memories to see recent woodland walks I've been taking with my friend, Susie. We've been attempting to locate and identify, if necessary, various plants on her land.
Okay, here we are... in my front yard.
Photos were taken 4/25/08.
If you peek at the upper left hand corner of the fungus,
you'll see the little row of "buttons" below.
"Walking" away from the tree.
A close-up.
A yet closer look.
I do consider myself halfway pleasant to be around,
but I'm not a "fungi!" (Maybe a fun gal!) lol.
(Some people spoil the pun by pronouncing it Fun-Ji.)

Or you COULD say there's "a fungus amongus!"

Looking towards May 1st tomorrow!


tina said...

My instructor always says, "Fungus among us!" I wonder where that term came from? Neat you have so much. It never bothers me in my garden.

Gail said...

shady, those are terrific photos of fungi/gi.


Shady Gardener said...

Tina, I think it's fun to discover fungus among us! ;-) There are great sites out there that identify it as well. Perhaps I'll have to enlist their help. Thanks for visiting!

Gail, I love watching everything grow... even the fungi! ;-) And, I saw both a hummingbird and a baltimore oriole for the first time today!! yea!

tina said...

Enjoyed my visit.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Shady - you put the "Fun" in fungi!

Anonymous said...

Well, Shady, you took away all my perfectly good fungus puns at the end, so I'll just say "thanks" for the neat photos of phungi! You pulled out the mycelium mat from under my feet. There was a P.G. Wodehouse character, Fungy-Phipps (Barmy Fotheringay Phipps)... sorry, that's all I have for now!

Shady Gardener said...

MMD, Thanks. ;-)

GA, You are to phunny! ;-)I'm going to have to peruse the google for that P.G. Wodehouse character... lol