Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Continued Saga in the Raised Beds...

She heard a cough and turned her head.
Perhaps she should have stopped, instead.
His voice was very soft and low,
His words? "You know I soon must go...

Fall is coming; Winter's cold I dread,
I thank you for the board and bread..."
Long and drawn-out, a silence ensued,
and then she completely became unglued!

"Please don't, I beg..." 'twas next he said,
as he humbly stood and bowed his head.
"Perhaps," she said, "it is my heart..."
then she proceeded to fall apart!

Now, of course... I should have ended here... but, no. I don't always know when to quit! ;-)
So, here's a little more...

"Perhaps, again... as I travel next year...
Do you think I might... be welcomed here?"
She looked at him, with downcast eye,
and said, "As surely as Winter snow doth fly!"

(So far, so good...)

He smiled at her quite tenderly
And he could quite, and plainly, see
That while it was she that couldn't go...
She would certainly need help to avoid Winter's snow!


He smiled at her quite tenderly
And he could quite, and plainly, see
That while she seemed to care so much,
She was going to need Shady Gardener's touch!


He smiled at her quite tenderly;
Tho' he could quite, and plainly, see
that perhaps her temperament he might pardon...
Was there really room for two in this garden?


Do you have a suggestion?


Have fun!
Shady G.

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Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Uh oh Shady, you've turned Susan into a strip teaseuse? That seems a bit sad, even with fall coming on. Maybe you could reconstitute her and her friend, move them to the front yard and deck them out for Halloween? At least give them one last whoop ti do?

It won't be long before our Punkin Scarecrow comes out for the season (if we can wait until the end of September!)

Shady Gardener said...

IVG, Ha! My duct tape didn't stick things together! And I thought that was supposed to be invincible! I'm going to need determine a different tactic to keep her from becoming "unglued!" ;-) We do share a neighborhood garden out here (right by my driveway). Perhaps they could part ways out there? lol

flydragon said...

LOL love it!!!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi flydragon, :-) Thanks!

Kathleen said...

All of your options are pretty clever. I think I like the one that needs "Shady Gardeners touch."
They're both so cute ~ I think they'd be great paired up.

Anonymous said...

Here's my try at the last stanza of your poem:

He smiled at her quite tenderly,
And he could quite and plainly see
Although she would miss him very much,
He would return.
So, stay in touch!


Shady Gardener said...

Kathleen, Thanks! I'm thinking "Shady G" needs another double shepherd's hook! That's what I used for her last year... and it was great! (She even toted hanging flowers!) ;-)

Marty, I think you've created a Winner! :-)

Anonymous said...

So entertaining and clever - loved it! I vote for your #2 choice ~Deb

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Deb, I think I'd better get another double shepherd's hook. That's what I've used before. You can see I'm definitely not handy with duct tape! ha.