Friday, September 12, 2008

Everything's Coming Up... Roses? Not!

We have had frequent visitors this summer!

Just as in any other circumstance,
visitors come in a host of shapes and sizes.

A few more?
and Again?

This, too?

But, what about this phenomenon?

These popped up towards the end of August.

Another odd thing is that when it rains, unlike the earlier visitors,
these last two fellows disappear completely,
and when it's sunny, they pop up again!

What do you think? :-)

Did you notice the cute little hostas below those umbrellas?
They're enjoying a break from longer stretches of direct sunlight,
due to the removal of our large tree canopy August 1st.

P.S. Did you also notice the sparse grass in the last photo? Towards the end of July, I noticed squirrels industriously working in the lawn and carrying off mouthsful of grass! When I returned home mid-August, there were large bare spots in the lawn! This has been since corrected, as I've sown grass seed and it's growing nicely! :-)


flydragon said...

Although I'm not like your other visitors, you can add me to your list. I really liked the little mushroom with all the "warts".

Kathleen said...

ha ha on those two umbrellas that pop up and down!! good idea. I get a few mushrooms (like in your second photo) when we have particularly wet years. This year, we had zero mushrooms ~ it was way to dry.

troutbirder said...

I am always looking for morels and as usual can't find any.... just kidding.

Gail said...

Hi Shady,

I love mushrooms and wish they were easier to identify. They are just fascinating how they arrive quickly and just as quickly leave.

Who ever heard of grass eating squirrels! They were lining their nests maybe?


Shady Gardener said...

flydragon, Thanks for stopping! Those little fungi are actually fun-guys, aren't they? ;-)

Hi Kathleen, I know they're funny. My neighbors are probably wondering... again! ;-) But it works.

troutbirder, no morels right now... do you find them up there? They're very prevalent here!

Hi Gail, I don't think you'd want to try eating ANY of these fellows! Toadstools, all... I think!

Lining their nests was the best guess I could make, too. Crazy squirrels! ha.

Anonymous said...

Loved this! You certainly have me beat in the fungi department, despite Lucy's truffle-snuffling ways on our nature walks. There's beauty all around us, if we just slow down and enjoy this journey.

What a great tie-in with the umbrellas, as well. Those are some very fortunate hostas, indeed.

Question ~ no turkey tail fungus? I must be Queen of Turkey Tails, I've taken so many shots... Deb

Shady Gardener said...

Deb, Am I right in assuming Turkey Tail fungus is a Shelf fungus? I have plenty of shelf fungus on rotting logs... I'd forgotten about that! :-) I'll take a photo so you can tell me if it's "Turkey Tail" or not.

The umbrellas are taking a rest, due to the rain we've been having... however they may be popping out again today. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I figured you must have these in abundance, as well. Turkey Tails (Trametes versicolor) are also known as shelf or bracket fungi. Photogenic little fellows, this group! ...Deb (Did you catch LM's latest flick, starring Kipper?
You're mentioned in the credits.)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Deb, Thanks for reminding to head back to Kipper's debut. :-) I'd been there earlier but hadn't had time to comment. :-)