Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

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Green Thumb Sunday
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Yes, there are some great things blooming here today!
These three photos are of the crazy-bright impatiens
(which I Really Love!)
and the items sharing their beds... :-)
How many times have I mentioned that they self-seeded again this year?
The following few photos are of plants in the south raised beds.
Here's the Obedient Plant, "Vivid."
It has no choice but to be obedient, due to the fact that it's confined in a raised bed.
(At least I hope that's the way it works!) ;-)This is Aster "Alert."
(These aren't tall plants... just another close-up!)

Here's another plant in bloom in the raised beds...
"Turtlehead" Chelone Obliqua
I'm sure you can tell why it's called "Turtlehead!" :-)

I like that hosta plants bloom at all different times. These have just begun!
This is an unnamed variety in northeast shady bed.This is "Sugar & Cream" on east side of house.
You can catch a glimpse of more hosta...
but what do you think of putting some impatiens
in the tree?
(I'll work on a better planter next year! ha.)Another unnamed variety in south woodland walk.

Earlier I'd posted photos of my tricyrtis.
This first photo shows 'Seiryu', which has just begun to bloom.This is 'Shining Light', also just beginning to bloom!
Notice the fuzzy buds of the upcoming blossoms. :-)

And 'Lightning Strikes' is closer to blooming!

I was certain that, when I planted these 5 Springs ago,
I had two different varieties of Lilyturf, Liriope Spicata...
but in doing a Google-search, I'm finding only one
type of the variety that I have.
Oh, well. Some of them have lavender blossoms.

And some of them have pink blossoms.
If you can help me with this, I'd appreciate it!
And here are a few more soft colors!
Anemones (they were here when we came)
of an unknown species...
most of which are turning a pale pink.
And next to the anemone is an Autumn Joy sedum.

Please be patient with this little video.
I took a steadier one later, but I couldn't help showing you
how the bumble bee met up with a crab spider! ;-)

It feels as though we're really on the last legs of Summer.
In fact, Fall is definitely beginning to show signs of moving in.
But, I couldn't help walking around with the camera today...
just to take a few more photographs.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour as much as I did! :-)
---Shady Gardener


Brenda Jean said...

Beautiful blooms! I wish I could go on your woodland path-- it's so lovely:)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your plain green mystery Hosta looks a lot like my H. lancifolia. Sorry I don't know anything about Liriope. I don't even have any. I wish you would stop showing this gorgeous Tricyrtis - now I think I have to get 'Shining Light.' It's stunning!

Shady Gardener said...

Brenda jean, Head on over! :-)

MMD, I'll have to look up that hosta! Liriope is Very easy to grow... it spreads, but not viciously. (I have it confined fairly well.) And it's adding a nice spiky green in a very shady couple of areas. I'll agree "Shining Light" is wonderfully distinctive!

Gail said...


I think there re more than one variety of Liriope but I can't find the source. You have a lovely late summer garden. I know that obedient plant is naughty but it pulls out rather easily! Have a lovely day!


flydragon said...

I love turtleheads and everytime I see a picture of one I kick myself for not buying it last spring. And yours look so nice, kick, kick,

Anonymous said...

Shady ~ You've outdone yourself! Thoroughly enjoyed your colorful, comprehensive garden tour. Next best thing to being there. Fall is in the air, but thanks for this late summer spectacular! Obedient plant, turtlehead and the Bee movie were my favorites... Deb

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Gail, If you happen to stumble upon some information about Liriope, I hope you remember me! :-) (We have a mutual admiration society!)

flydragon, Mine is now 4 years old... it has finally made a great "clump!" There's no greater time to start than now! ;-) (Or next Spring!)

Hi Deb, I'm finding it difficult to believe it's already mid-Sept! I'm glad you liked the bee movie. Did you see the little crab spider? ;-)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Shady,
Things are looking very good down your way! I really like the Tricyrtis 'Shining Light' too ... will have to keep my eye out for that one next year! Even the old curmudgeon me has to admit that those Impatiens do brighten up their bed, and since they were self seeders, even better! (Bet you though you'd never hear that from me, lol.)

Yep, it sure does seem like fall lately, but we're due to warm up more this week, which I hope helps ripen up all those green tomatoes we have! We're still waiting on one Tricyrtis to get blooming (should be soon), but I'll get pics when it does!

I think the sedums you gave me should have roots now (they've been outside getting rained on lately), so I hope to get them in the ground this weekend back by the hibiscus! Did your Kopper King ever recover yet?

Kathleen said...

I clicked on your blog this morning to view and comment then got sidetracked! Now I'm back to say you have a lot going on still in your garden. I love obedient plant (I have the white variety tho) and turtlehead. Many plants you featured I don't have (toadlilies, lirope, etc.) Your impatiens truly have outdone themselves!

bobbie said...

Your photos are so wonderful...your garden so beautiful. I am so jealous.

Shady Gardener said...

IVG, Have you seen peoples' postings on Tojen (Togen)? That's on my Winter Wish List for next Spring!! :-) You should try planting the Sedum now. Even if they don't have many roots, they will continue to grow them after they're planted.
And as far as the impatiens... I didn't hear a thing! (But, thanks!) ;-) And my Kopper King has a few new leaves, but it didn't bloom. I'm definitely going to try moving it next Spring.

Kathleen, Thanks for returning to comment! :-) We really have had a wonderful season... all Spring, Summer, and now going into Fall. It's been wonderful inspite of me! ;-)

Bobbie, Please don't be jealous. Just keep coming back to visit!
I'll put on a pot of tea! :-)

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Shady,
I plan on getting the Sedums in this weekend, and I'll make sure they get watered regularly for a few weeks (unless it rains) to get them established.

As for Kopper King, I'm not 100% positive, but I think you'd be smarter to move it this fall after it dies back, rather than wait until spring when it comes up (remember they're late to emerge). If it were me, I'd dig a big chunk from around it so as not to disturb the roots too much and just take the whole 'plug' and stick it in where you plan on having it next year. Just my two cents (since I've never moved one), but that makes sense to me, given what I know.

Shady Gardener said...

IVG, Thanks for your 2 cents worth! I've been waffling between Fall and Spring. We've had such great weather, I'm sure it'll do fine this Fall.

MrBrownThumb said...

Cool plants shady. I like the little shelf you made in the crotch of the tree.

Patsi said...

I see you like having fun in your yard. Love the flowers. Hey, you got sun ! Ok, I don't see alot but if you don't mind not having a lawn you could make more garden beds. Just kidding.
I really thought about doing that myself because I'm running out of space,of course that means more work,eh.