Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Fabulous Fall Decor" Award

Thank you, Patsi. I'm not sure I can take much credit for the Fall Decor we're enjoying, but I'm sure we all like to think we contribute just a little to the overall scene. :-) You'll find Patsi at Garden Endeavors. Her garden site is very much worth your visit!

Now I must follow the rules and pick six people I've noticed sharing beautiful Fall arrangement and/or scenery posts. I know everyone, especially in the northern regions, are preparing to say goodbye to their garden blossoms, so we really are enjoying a lot of Fall posts. But I must limit myself to six people. You might visit them to let them know about this award!

Gail at Clay and Limestone,
Deb at Garden Author,
Kathleen at Kasey's Korner,
Nancy Bond at Soliloquy,
Northern Shade at Northern Shade Gardening,
Kylee at Our Little Acre.

The rules are pick up this award photo and post it on your blog. Nominate six people/blogs of your choice for this same award. Then finally, you need to let the winners know that they have been chosen!

Nothing "Shady" here! Enjoy visiting these blogs. :-)


Kathleen said...

Oh, how sweet are you?? Thank you so much Shady Gardener. I keep thinking I've avoided fall (find it too painful!!). I am pretty technologically challenged tho so I have no idea how to pick up the award, repost etc. Thanks again tho for selecting me and including my blog in with some fabulous others.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you very much Shady for this award. It will be my pleasure to pass it along. :)

Gail said...

Hey Shady, Thank you! I am at Fairegarden but will be home this weekend! The garden is beautiful, as you probably suspected! I am inspired....oh , my gosh the plants I bought and dugup!


Patsi said...

You're welcome Shady.
I'm glad you enjoy receiving it as much as I did !

I have posts planned for Fall colors but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll be on vacation soon so everything has to get done then.

Rosemary said...

congrats on your award, love your Xmas cactus beautiful white!, your street pictures are lovely.

Shady Gardener said...

Kathleen, You're welcome. :-) I've enjoyed "getting to know you!" You do a great job on your blog.

Nancy, You're welcome, as well. I always enjoy visiting your site, too.

Gail, I cannot be jealous, I cannot be jealous, I cannot be jealous. :-) We're finished planting around here! (And I'd better hurry to try bringing in my ornamental sweet potato vine... to see if I can keep the tuber until Spring. That would be fun, wouldn't it?)

Hi Patsi, This has been a beautiful Fall. I'll look forward to your colorful posts. :-)

Rosemary, Thanks! The Christmas Cactus has 17 blossoms and many, many buds right now!! Gorgeous! :-)

Northern Shade said...

Thank you very much Shady Gardener. You have even more beautiful colour on your Oct. 24 post.
I saw the nicest looking 'Red October' Hosta and was very tempted to pick some up. It was even at an excellent discount, and I'm very partial to plants with red stems. When I went back later, they had had a greenhouse glass accident and all of their hosta were gone. Now seeing how late yours is flowering, I think I probably wouldn't see the blooms before frost here, but the stems and leaves are still highly decorative.

Shady Gardener said...

Northern Shade, Actually Red October often blooms in September... I think we've had an unusually (good?) growing season this year. :-)

I wouldn't feel bad about trying it, anyway. Esp. since the red stems are nicely distinctive!