Monday, October 27, 2008

A Look at the Bushes Once More

For really colorful Fall posts, check out Dave at Home Garden who's encouraging people to participate in posting their Fall Colors and leaving a note at his site. :-)

These first couple of bright red bushes are the Euonymus alata "Compactus" Burning Bushes. You can see a PMJ Rhododendron squished between them. The BB on the right is exceptionally beautiful.
(Planting Circle #1)
Can you even see the bright red berries?

As we back away from the garage, this is "Planting circle #2."
Here you see another BB and leaves of a redbud tree.
(looking carefully to the right, you can still glimpse "planting circle #1)

Again, backing away a bit further,
now you can see the redbud tree with its golden fall foliage
(and zillions of seeds... do you want some?).
There was no ID on this bush, which I've always assumed
was also a Burning Bush until Fall. Do YOU know what it is?

A little closer view of the leaves. I really like the color,
as its an interesting contrast to the other bushes along the driveway.
This may be my last "colorful" Fall post.

*PostScript: I'm feeling embarrassed, as I'm remembering this is a forsythia! I've looked online and have found three forsythia with purplish foliage. I hope someone can help me provide a Real ID! I'm sorry if I've thrown people off-base!


Northern Shade said...

The second photo of the burning bush has such saturated leaf colour,that it almost looks spray painted. Both groupings have fantastic fall colour. I especially like the golden redbud tree hovering over the shrubs.

Dave said...

Those burning bushes have some fantastic color! The redbud with the burning bushes gives you a good contrast. I managed to raise one from seed last year. The seeds have to go through a period of cold stratification to germinate. I'll try again this year although I'll be planting the seeds outside. Great colors, thanks for joining in!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Nice photos, my burning bush looks just like yours.

Shady Gardener said...

Northern Shade, I'm sure the intense red color is the attraction to this bush! However, it's being called a nuisance in many places. It reseeds very, very easily.

Dave,I have many little redbud seedlings, also. :-) They really are a pretty tree, but we're about as far north as they range, I think.

IGW, Aren't they so striking a color? The one is just as vibrant as can be, while the others are not nearly as colorful... Do you think this year's growing season had a lot to do with the color?

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

The colours you have here - are really amazing.
I love that zing of yellow against the red.

Gail said...

Hi Shady, The Burning Bush has a lovely color, darn it, cause it sure is a nuisance in the Mid South! It volunteers in the woodlands and is aggressive, but you can't deny its beautiful color! Fabulous photo of the
trees and shrub in full color! Gail

Shady Gardener said...

Karen, We've had an exceptionally colorful Fall. We had rain all summer, just when we needed it. I'm sure that contributed!

Gail, They are very pretty. I understand how they can be a nuisance, though. The little seedlings are plentiful and hard to pull. It's a good thing these plants are somewhat confined.

(I just noticed that my shadow is in the photo with the redbud tree! ha!)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Such pretty colors, Shady Gardener... I was really hoping someone would ID that last one for you, though. So I can keep an eye out for it to add to my garden--it's just beautiful!

Stuart said...

Hi Shady. Sorry to leave his message here but I noticed that your email address is missing from Blotanical. If you would like it to be included and therefore able to login to Blotanical can you please email it to me at scrobins[at]westnet[dot]com[dot]au. Ta

Frances said...

Hi Shady, what loveliness. I like the way you went farther out with the shots to show us the relationship with the shrubs and your landscape. I was hoping someone would ID that shrub, the purple leaves are wonderful. Is it green other times of the year?


Shady Gardener said...

Hi Frances, Thanks for your visit! I was also hoping someone would help me with the ID. Perhaps, yet. And I'll keep searching. :-)

Kathleen said...

Hi Shady Gardener. The purple leave shrub looks a little like my purple leaf Sand Cherry does right now (prunus cistena)?? Mine is slightly more reddish/purple tho where yours looks really purple. Could that be or maybe in that family? Your burning bushes are spectacular for color.

Shady Gardener said...

Blackswamp girl, how did I miss your comment earlier?? Thank you for visiting. I'm still hoping someone will help me with an id. If so, I'll try to remember to get it to you! :-)

Stuart, Thank you. I'll send an e-mail immediately! :-)

Kathleen, Great try. It's not purple sand cherry, as I have one of those as well. (And I really like it!) :-) I'm going to keep trying!!

Anonymous said...

Shady ~ Great fall display, including the mystery shrub (snooped around through several books, but couldn't find it). Do you have any really large, close-up photos?

I love the PJM Rhody, attaining its burgundy, winter color. Azalea 'Stewartstonia' does this, as well - another favorite, with its red spring flowers and small, glossy, rounded foliage.

I have the offspring (only about 4) of my original E. alatus (not 'Compactus') which still resides next door, at my former house. Left unchecked, these will reach 20 feet, but can be kept smaller. It's a good year for BB's here, as well. Yours are great, especially with the redbud. /Deb

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Deb! Thanks for trying to help me with the ID. I knew you'd be one that would be great to ask!