Monday, December 29, 2008

Just a Quick Little Note...

Does this make you curious?
Click on the photo to see what I made for each
of our two families for Christmas!

Nothing Shady here! ;-)
Christmas Celebration #1
Christmas Celebration #2


Dellits said...

how neat, Aunt K!!!

Northern Shade said...

The puppet theatre is such a creative idea. I'm picturing the children having a lot of fun creating puppet plays, and using their imagination.

Ewa said...

color rulezzz!

I wish YOU wonderful 2009 and looking forward to your posts!

Gail said...

Hey Shady,

I commented on the other page but it seems my comment is under my son's name! Love this idea!


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Wonderful! Love the idea!


Shady Gardener said...

Hi Dellits! I'm glad you like it! Suppose you'll need one before too long? ;-)

Northern Shade, I hope they can use their theaters for a long time!

Hi Ewa, I'm glad you like the colors (me, too!) And I'll return that wish for a wonderful 2009. :-)

Gail, I enjoy doing the design work as well as the creating! It'd be fun to think someone else got inspired, too!

Hi Cameron! Thanks. I saw "the idea" a couple of years ago in a catalog of children's toys. I thought surely I could create it myself! :-)

Kathleen said...

Oh I bet these were a huge hit Shady Gardener! How wonderful you could make them yourself. My daughter still likes puppets. :-) What a great gift.

Shady Gardener said...

Kathleen, I hope these gifts last a long time! I used to involve my children in puppet theater when they were very young... and I can make puppets (to accompany books, etc.) for any reason, now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just back from the two posts... nice family moments and I do love that puppet theater - how creative! /Deb

Kylee said...

I posted a comment on your other blog, but want to reiterate it here - Fabulous! And I certainly hope this becomes a family heirloom! I just love it and I know the kids will, too!

Shady Gardener said...

Deb, Thanks. :-) Our daughter comes tomorrow with her family to spend the weekend. We will celebrate Christmas with them... and they will receive their puppet theater (which I'm just finishing today!) ha.

Kylee, Thanks!! It's something I can add to over the years (re: books of poems, stories and puppets). :-)