Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mother's Chocolate Valentine

This image was taken from a free clip art site.
I bought a box of chocolate hearts,
a present for my mother,
they looked so good I tasted one,
and then I tried another.

They both were so delicious
that I ate another four,
and then another couple,
and then half a dozen more.

I couldn't seem to stop myself,
I nibbled on and on,
before I knew what happened
all the chocolate hearts were gone.

I felt a little guilty,
I was stuffed down to my socks,
I ate my mother's valentine...
I hope she likes the box.

by Jack Prelutsky

This easily could be my predicament. At least there's time to buy another and MAIL it right away! ;-)


flowrgirl1 said...

Not valentines related but once when i was little i was selling chocolates for a school fundraiser. My mother ordered about $36 worth. I never told her when they came in and i ate them all myself. Well my friend, Shelly, helped!

joey said...

Love it! I remember reading Jack Prelutsky poems to my children ... thanks for the memories. Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

I got a huge chuckle out of your post. My clan is wondering where the chocolate is and I told them they'll have to wait. For the same reason: If I buy it early, it won't last. Glad to hear I'm not alone.

Anna said...

I have not come across this poem before - it bought a smile to my face on a grey February afternoon so thanks Shadygardener :)

Gail said...

Dear Shady, ! Loved the poem and have a memory of this from somewhere! I hope your day is filled with fun and lots of chocolate...


Niels Plougmann said...

Thanks for the laugh. I think most of us chocoholics can relate!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Too cute. I would be the one eating all the candy.

Kerri said...

Ah yes, it's hard to stop at just one!
Cute poem. I often read Jack Prelutsky to the children when I'm working in the school library. He has a wacky sense of humor :)

bobbie said...

So cute. The photo reminds me of the chocolate covered cherries my mother used to love so much.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Just the word chocolate in your post title caught my attention. It reminds me also of sneaking into my daughter's Halloween candy while she's at school. Chocolate unattended in this house is dangerous!

Shady Gardener said...

flowrgirl, And your mother never missed her chocolates? ;-)

joey, I've really enjoyed Jack Prelutsky over the years (as well as Shel Silverstein, and others!) :-)

Grace, I'm so glad I made you chuckle! And that's the very reason I try not to buy in quantity!! :-)

Anna, Glad to oblige! You'll have to look up Jack Prelutsky's poetry. :-)

Hi Gail, Thanks for the wishes! Right back at you! :-) (Actually a great day is probably enough... don't know that I need LOTS of chocolate!) lol

Niels, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit! :-)

Lisa, I know what you mean! :-)

Kerri, Reading Jack Prelutsky aloud is lots of fun! I really had fun using his poetry for "readers' theater" with the second graders. :-)

Bobbie, Do you ever get a taste for those? Don't you wish you could just buy ONE?

Catherine, I once had a friend, when were were quite young, that could hoard her candy for months without eating it. I've never been able to do that!! lol.

Kathleen said...

ha ha. That happens in my house all the time. I learned long ago to buy TWO boxes! ;-)

Shady Gardener said...

Kathleen, I often think of doing that very thing! It sure would saave trips to the store! ha! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! This predicament is suspiciously like the Halloween candy conundrum... the one where you eat most of the tiny tots' candy, before Halloween arrives... then rush out and restock the day before! /Deb

Shady Gardener said...

Deb, That's been known to happen at our house more than once! (And I'm the culprit!) ;-)