Monday, November 15, 2010

A Carolina Wren

Last Friday morning (Nov. 12), I walked out into the garage and saw a wren!

Me: "Say! What are YOU doing here at this time of year?" (Thinking it was a house wren.)

It hopped into one of the holes on my husband's truck's front bumper - looking for a home? So I quickly dashed into the house to get my camera. I stood quite awhile, focused on that bumper... but nothing happened. As soon as I turned off my camera, the little fellow flew off! Of course! ha.

So, I turned the camera back on and out hopped (his mate?) from under the truck. I did the best I could, but this was the only photo I got. He/she then hopped back under the truck and soon was on the left front tire. I was ready to take a second shot when he/she flew off.

I'm just WAY too slow on the draw!

But it's a Carolina Wren! (Don't think I've ever noticed them before, but the bird book say's they're year-round residents in this area.) Hope they like my neck of the woods! Please return!



Randy Emmitt said...

Once we had a paper wasp nest about the size of a grape fruit on the eaves of the house. The wasps left and one night I found 5 heads tucked away behind the wasp nest for warm, Carolina Wrens, they returned for 3 years to roost there.

troutbirder said...

Now that is a cool sighting Shady. I've only seen one of these South Carolin of all places. :)

Rosemary said...

Hoping to that this little wren stays with you.

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Do they have a pretty little tune?

Diana (Di) said...

SG, how much joy do we get from these little creatures? I get excited each time a new bird shows up. What a nice surprise for you.

Ginny said...

I adore Carolina wrens - I hope your little wrens will make themselves at home in your garden.

Shady Gardener said...

Randy, They are strikingly different from house wrens... what with the orangish coloring. Very cute. What a three-year thrill you had! :-)

Troutbirder, I admit that I questioned my eyesight, at first! ;-)

Rosemary, Me, too!!

Gardener, If you look a little ways down my right sidebar for Birds, Bugs and Others in Nature, you'll notice Many More Bird Songs. Click on this and then again on Wrens. You'll be given a choice of the songs... great comparison! :-)

Di! Like minds and hearts! [smile]

Ginny, Do they nest so you can observe them? I have many House Wrens every Spring - and they fill the air with their melodious tunes!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

We don't get those wrens here, but I love the personality of wrens and how they'll investigate any opening. The Bewick's wrens usually start several different nests in our yard before choosing where they'll lay their eggs.
Birds seem to know when the camera is turned off, then they do all sorts of cute things :)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Catherine! Isn't it wonderful, the variety of birds there are in the world? I'll have to investigate Bewick's wrens. :-) You are too right! When the camera is not ready, cuteness happens! ha.

Patsi said...

Glad to see you have a new visitor.
We didn't notice these wrens till two years ago. Always enjoy the birds.

Rose said...

What a sweet little bird. I hope it finds a safer place than the truck's tires to rest, though.

When you're done dusting, Shady, I could use some help here, too:) It's just my kids and my parents coming for Thanksgiving, but even then I'd be embarrassed to have them see my house in the state it's in right now. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kris said...

Ah, those darling little wrens starting showing up in my gardens a couple of years ago. I heard them first and didn't recognize the call (tea-KETTLE tea-KETTLE tea-KETTLE or TWEEDLE TWEEDLE TWEEDLE). Then they started visiting the suet feeder and I've been enjoying their antics ever since. I've never been able to catch a pic though. Good for you. :-D

Nutty Gnome said...

What a lovely little bird she is! I've never seen one like that before - they probably don't make it across the Atlantic!
We've got a common garden wren who often visits our garden. It reminds me of my mum with its quick movements and its head tilting to one side like it's asking a question!:)

shirl said...

Fantastic Shady, I do hope it stays around your garden too. It's wonderful to get new garden visitors isn't it? I love Wrens. Enjoy!

Wishing you a great weekend too :-D

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Patsi, I haven't heard their song, yet.

Rose, I know what you mean! I know I won't be finished cleaning when people arrive, but at least I'll feel a little better about it all. :-) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Kris, Thanks for your visit! Your description of their song is exactly what the bird book told me it would be. So, now I'll Really know what to listen for!

Liz, Your likening your mom to a little wren made me smile! They are so inquisitive. However, our little House Wren is very territorial! ha.

Hi Shirl, I hope it decides to stay, too. Even if it doesn't, it's always fun to have a visit from someone new! :-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Between our speed and that of our cameras, we do miss out on some fine photo opportunities, don't we? I'm glad you at least got one, since it's a bird you don't see often. I hope you see more, and they stick around.

Kathleen said...

What an exciting sighting Shady G! I don't have them in my garden either (or any wrens for that matter) but I'd love to. I hope you see them off and on all winter now that you've discovered them.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Sue, Do you see these wrens?

Kathleen- Colorado! Well, if you don't have wrens, you certainly have your share of hummers! :-)