Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Thumb - Monday?

I've misplaced the name of this begonia.
However, I must tell you it was blooming when I purchased it,
and it's still blooming 1 1/2 years later!

I put it in a shady spot outdoors this past summer, and it loved it.

Before we go to the next photograph -- do you see what I see?

Guess it loves me back!
And I'll forward the heart to you.

What in the world?

Euphorbia milii

is commonly called the Crown of Thorns (associated with the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ) is a woody member of the Euphorbia family, originally from Madagascar. The plant was introduced in France in 1821. It is a succulent climbing shrub that will grow to four to 6 feet tall. There are several plant varieties having different colored flowers. This variety is the one with which I am most familiar.

This is also an easy-care houseplant which likes bright light. Let the soil dry before watering. It will tolerate low to medium humidity and warm to high temperatures. (It's tolerating cool conditions this winter in my home!)

You saw the sharp spikes that do hurt upon contact (handle carefully)! A cut stem will produce a milky sap. This sap is somewhat poisonous (don't ingest) and can cause an irritating skin reaction.

But for the few warnings...

... this plant is easy to grow

and is a cheerful chap to have around!

Especially at this time of year!

Have a nice day!
Stay safe and warm.


Rosemary said...

Shady How nice to have some bright colour in the mid of winter. Both plants are very attractive.

Darla said...

Both of these plant's blooms are about the same color, nice.

Shannon said...

Beautiful plants! I really like the Crown of Thorns, I might just have to get one of my own.

Randy Emmitt said...


The Crown of Thorns is pretty cool. I'm thinking Meg wears a Crown of Thorns and that is where she gets so many headaches.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Rosemary, These little plants are appreciated!

Darla, Red is a favorite color. :-)

Hi Shannon, The Crown of Thorns is Very Easy to raise.

Randy, You would like this plant. However, I didn't realize Meg was subject to headaches... do you know why?

Samual said...

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Ali said...

I had to follow your blog, everything grows betting in all my neighbours' gardens, and I have FOUR of them adjoining my block!

I have a dodgy brown thumb :)

Your flowers look a bit fabulous though, I suspect that you could be one of my successful growing neighbours.

Shady Gardener said...

Samual, Thank you for your visit.

Ali, You are the author of a fun blog and I believe I'll spend more time visiting you, too. At least we can be virtual neighbors! :-)

Ali said...

Lol, all my virtual neighbours have greener thumbs than I do too!

Rose said...

Lovely blooms, Shady! I would never have guessed from its spiky stem that this Crown of Thorns would have such delicate blossoms. Nice to have some color indoors during these gray days.

Shady Gardener said...

Rose, That's how I'm feeling! These little flowers are my mainstay, otherwise it's not too colorful here at chez Shady! ;-)

jijie said...

I'm your newest follower from ABC-WED, hope you will follow me back here@ Step Up
Take Care

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

I do love the pink flowers on your Euphorbia 'crown of thorns'! My experience with Euphorbia is 'Blackbird' which is out in my front garden, currently tolerating the freezing conditions very well! I think your variety would be lovely in my family room. I will have to look for one!