Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A is for Angel - ABC Wednesday

I can't help myself... I'm going to participate in this meme again!
You also can participate - just click on the logo above to take you to the "sign up" post.
You have nearly five days, from today, to be an official participant.

Otherwise, just click the logo each week to see who has posted.

stands for Angel.

This is a Christmas Angel.

It is now MY Christmas Angel!

Christmas Angel was created by Val Webb.
Her website is entitled The Illustrated Garden.
If you haven't visited her, you should.

This is the post she created when she offered her Christmas Angel as a give-away.

Needless to say, I was the very fortunate winner!

Thank you, Val.

You are very generous...
and I am very happy!

A is for Angel
A is for Art
A is for Artist
A is for an Angel Artist.



Rosey said...

Awww...so cute!
I am tempted to do this ABC meme. I haven't tried it and since I get desperate for things to blog about in the deep winter, this might do the trick.

Thanks for commenting... always good to hear from you.

joey said...

You are an 'A'ngel and 'A'ways fun to catch up :)

Rose said...

How sweet, and how lucky you were, Shady, to be the winner! I just stopped by Val's website to take a look--I love her fairy on the coneflower!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Rosey, You'd enjoy the meme, I think.

Joey, 'A'nd I'm glad you visited! :-)

Hi Rose, I'm glad you visited Val. She's doing a fairy a day.

Gigi Ann said...

A for Angel is a good choice for A day.

In answer to your question on my blog about the Abert Squirrel. No I have never seen one, and the pictures were taken from Wikipedia. I made note of that under each picture, I guess you just missed that.

Yes I live in Iowa also, I live in Iowa County.

Nice to meet you, and thank you for visiting my blog. Until next week, for B day. I haven't decided what my B will be yet.

Nanka said...

Angelic art!!

Shady Gardener said...

Gigi Ann, Obviously I was so intrigued with the photos... ;-) I haven't given too much thought to "B" yet, either.

Nanka, Thanks for your visit.