Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Challenge: Countdown to Christmas! "A"

Countdown to Christmas! 


 Angel Wings, and

Angel Wing Begonias
 Kent Brandon - Angel Wing Begonia

 Katherine Too - Angel Wing Begonia

Begonia Joyce -  Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonias are supposed to be easy-to-grow houseplants.  They enjoy bright, but not hot/direct, sunlight.  Best conditions are early morning or late afternoon sun.

Provide enough water and adequate drainage, so your plant doesn't have to endure long dry periods and/or wet, soggy roots.  It is recommended you water 'round the entire perimeter of the pot, draining the drain tray (or providing flat stones upon which the pot can stand).

May to October are the best blooming times . . . however, under optimal conditions, you may find your begonia blooming year-round!

 This is my Begonia.  It increased in girth two-fold over the 2010 growing season.

New begonia plants are easily propagated by taking cuttings and rooting in water.

The first three photos in this post were taken from this site.    You will also find a Huge array of photos of many, many more varieties of Angel Wing Begonias.  Perhaps you'll be inspired to try this plant yourself.

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