Friday, November 18, 2011

What a Wonderful Fall We Have Enjoyed!

Frankly (my dear!), I was worried all through October about my not being home long enough to do yardwork.  I thought perhaps I would have to "let things go," and see how it all "shook out" next Spring.  But I have been truly blessed (as has everyone else) by this wonderful, long, Autumn season.

Yes, the temperatures have been cold during these past couple of weeks.  Yes, the days are growing shorter.  BUT, perhaps you'll understand why I'm so thankful!  I've been able to rake (the same areas several times due to the WIND!) and get ready for Winter.  Truly grateful.

Photos? Okay, but be forewarned ... there are several! ;-)  Some may enlarge a little bit if you click on them.

 On the left:  Japanese Blood Grass - On the right:  A variety of sedum
 Ever faithful, ever prolific Gaillardia Daisy!

Below:  From the middle of the front yard, looking south towards "The Raised Beds."  
Notice the nicely raked lawn! (Well, a few leaves blew in this morning.)  :-)

Over-the-shoulder look back towards the garage.

On the west side of the house, near the south end, you can tell where some "Peppermint Ice" Hellebores 
and a Ligularia will be thriving in the next couple of years!

This view, on the south side of the house, makes me happy.
Nice and neat!  (For the third time!)  ha.   Well, there is the matter of a Multitude of Acorns this year!

Two views of  "The Woodland Trail" garden.
Left:  Continuing on the south side of the yard, looking east.
Right:  Looking back after the walk-through.  (Oh, yes... notice those hellebores.
They've been there for awhile!)

Below takes around the south end of the house.  The shed is off to the right.

This is the east side of the house looking north.

 As long as we're near the house, I'll walk along that little path you see above.
(Yes, it's incomplete.  Just as the pergola that's supposed to be outside the door is "incomplete." lol)

This view shows you a few stubborn green plants.  Heartleaf brunnera and tiarella.

'Touch of Class' hosta, next to a sad-looking wild ginger leaf.

Looking back (south) at the little path through the large Center Beds in the backyard.

Backyard "East Bed."  I've begun a pathway behind this bed.
A new bed has been begun (see the upright logs in the background?).

This is another view of the backyard "East Bed."
(There used to be a TON of leaves on the yard back here.
Two separate rakings have it looking like this!)

Now we'll walk behind it.
As we walk here, this is almost exactly what you'd see to your left and to your right.
This bed curves around and up.

This is the "Top Backyard Bed."  
(It was created to help camouflage the big, unsightly shed that was built -
shortly after we moved into our home.)
(I've planted a Pagoda Dogwood, a 'Quickfire' Hydrangea, a Viburnum,
and several wild (SLOW GROWING) cherry trees.  More to come.)

Looking towards a neighbor's house on the North side of our home.
I've not raked here much... will do some tomorrow (I hope!).

This little bed is next to the garage/driveway.  There are several burning bushes and to P.J. Rhododendron.
(I'm thinking about doing a little adjustment on the number of burning bushes next Spring.)

 'Mohican' Viburnum on the North side of the house.

Back in front:  On the front porch, our two new locally-made adirondack chairs 
and two pots that need to be emptied tomorrow.

They were so pretty all summer.
The coleus did so Well (it always does here).

Are you prepared for Winter?
After tomorrow (no... make that After Thanksgiving Weekend!)
Let it  Snow!  


May you enjoy these next couple of weeks with family and friends.  May you find MUCH for which to be Thankful.  Count those Blessings!  :-)

"Shady" Gardener


Casa Mariposa said...

I LOVE how much space you have!! What peaceful scenes. :o)

Shady Gardener said...

Thank you. I've just been over to sneak a peek at your recent post. Great Fall color. :-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Shady,
I'm glad I made it here for the tour of your place. It's awesome! I love all of your planting areas, and your porch looks very inviting.

Yes, it has been a nice fall. I am not ready for winter.

Rosemary said...

Shady garden looks good even at this time of the year...... I am thankful I don't have to rake all those leaves but oh I love all the trees....... outdoors I am ready for winter ........ Happy Thanksgiving to you....

Rose said...

It has been a beautiful fall indeed. Looks like you have been very busy in spite of not being home much. I planned to do some raking once the maple leaves fell, but then the wind came along, and whoosh! they all disappeared:)

Love those Adironack chairs, and your photos of the sky on your last post are stunning. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Sue, I'm not ready for winter, either... the weather especially. However, I've been ready for the end of this year's gardening season... as it was so difficult. We'll be ready for next Spring!! :-)

Hi Rosemary! One good sound right now is that of two neighbors' lawnmower/grass and leaf catchers! Yea! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!

Hello, Rose. Will be plan a get-together next year? You cannot be that far away!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kathleen said...

Hi SG! I WISH everyone has had a nice extended fall!!! (boohoo for me, right?!!!) We only had one month of fallish weather then the snows started. Already over 20 inches has fallen! You know how excited I am about that.
You do have a lot of leaves to rake but your garden looks great. Peppermint Ice hellebore sounds really interesting too! I can't wait to see pictures of the blooms.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and it's good to "see" you again.

Diana said...

wonderful landscape, SG and love all those leaves. We have been wanting to mulch ours if only it wold stop raining.

We wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Many blessings!


I love the satisfaction of a freshly raked lawn. It will be awhile before my lawn looks as nice as yours. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

troutbirder said...

Looking very nice, Shady... all the way around. Is that a red oak I spy. I wish I had one. Mostly white and burr here. And its true the acorns were unbelievable this year . And the leaves... oh my. I don't rake much any ant more. Most just windrow them off in the woods with the lawn tractor. Cheating, I know. Happy Thanks giving to you and years....

joey said...

Indeed, November has been grand, Shady! Happy Thanksgiving :)