Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January's Reflection...

Where go the days, the months?   And the years?
Now we've a new:  Two thousand and twelve.
What might we find here?  

In looking for significance, within the year's fare . . .
What might we do to show others we care?

Might we be the difference - in the life of another: 
A positive influence, a word, or a gesture?
It's a challenge we can offer ourselves, at the most.
It's a challenge I offer myself with this post.

     Friendship,        Fellowship,         Produce,        Care,  
       Beauty,            Love,        Commitment,       Help,
                       Assistance,   Travel accommodations,     
                                            etc., etc., etc.

Care to add to the list?
Best Wishes,

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Rosemary said...

Wonderful, thought provoking!