Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not your regular Jack-in-the-Pulpit!!

Arisaema sikokianum 
is considered the most stunningly beautiful member of the genus Arisaema.
You'll need more than one to start a "family." 
 After flowering, the foliage remains attractive until it goes dormant in late summer. 
 Arisaema sikokianum prefers a well-drained dry site in the garden.
Japanese in origin.
This plant was given me on July 18, 2008 by "Iowa Boy."
Located in Iowa City, this Consummate gardener and former blogger
is truly missed in the "blogging scene."

At any rate, this is the first appearance I've ever had of this plant since it was given to me!!!

Stunning, to say the least!!!

Happy Spring!

Nothing Shady here - yet. ;-)
The leaves are now sprouting on the oak trees, though.


Darla said...



What a truly amazing flower. Garden blogger "Teza" aka Barry of Teza's Garden Blog would love this. I should write to him. He's a huge Arisaema affectionado.

Barry said...

Indeed, when it comes to Arisaema I tend to lean towards the obsessed aficionado! I have recently added another A.sikokianum to my collection, one with a delightful pewter variegation to the foliage. Sadly this is one species within the genus that is very slow to set seed, if ever, so the more you plant, the merrier they will be.

Andrea said...

Wow this is very beautiful.

Patsi said...

I have a few but can't find them. So I'll have to wait a few years?
Sure is beauty !

Anonymous said...

You are right about Iowa Boy. I miss him as well. I still take occasion forays through his blog.

troutbirder said...


troutbirder said...


troutbirder said...


Shady Gardener said...

Thanks for your visit, Darla.

Hi Grace, Thanks for alerting your friend Barry to my plant! I quickly visited his interesting blog, but have been unable as yet to leave a comment!! (Hi, Barry!)

Hi Andrea. :-)

Hi Patsi! Perhaps you'll have to wait so long? I hope not!! Keep me posted. :-)

We're in a mutual admiration club (mutually admiring Iowa Boy), Anonymous. Thanks for leaving your comment. lol

Thanks, troutbirder!
Thanks, troutbirder!
Thanks, troutbirder! (ha)