Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day, But I Miss My Blog!

It's Spring.
It FEELS like Spring.
The weather has been "Spring-y"
due to the cooler temps

It's a Beautiful, Sunny Day!

My Heart is Happy
Here's Why:

This is the front of the Sunny Corner Bed (if you were driving to my house).
Surprise lilies in the "way back" with 'Husker Red' Penstemon in front.
Daffodil leaves, daylilies, etc.
Fern leaf peony (thanks, Aunt MEA!), dianthus and an allium, iris leaves,
daylilies and more iris in foreground.

Some beautiful  
Purple Columbine
planted 2010
(btw: what use might YOU have for the hose hanger in the background?)

Clematis - 'Nelly Moser'
Nelly was planted in Spring 2010.
First Blossoms!!

Corydalis - 'Blackberry Wine'
Planted Spring 2010
Epimedium 'Lilafee'
planted Spring 2009

Bleeding Heart 'Alba'
planted Spring 2011 - above links to Missouri Botanical Gardens info

Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart

One of several plants in the gardens

Bleeding Heart - 'Luxuriant'
Planted a week ago.  Click the title to view information
from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Pulmonaria 'Milky Way'

Cute little Hypertufa with Hellebore in background

Thanks for letting me share! :-)


catmint said...

I understand Shady. Beautiful Spring day, beautiful healthy looking plants, blog appreciated by many = Happy Heart. Enjoy!

Rosemary said...

Hi Shady So know what you mean..... love all the photos, your garden is way ahead of mine, everything is looking so healthy and happy.......the purple cordyalis gorgeous!

Darla said...

It does look glorious in your photos...I am trying hpertufa this summer!!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Catmint! I'm sorry I've been remiss in visiting (visiting everyone!). Thank you for your sweet comments. I must see what's happening in Australia these days! :-)

Rosemary, That's what happens down here in "the states." We're ahead, but because of the weather, we've been Way Ahead this year. You, too??

Oh, Darla! You'll love making hypertufa. I'm in such a mood to make more containers! :-)

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So many great looking plants for tyou this spring.

troutbirder said...

What a wonderful collection of spring bloomers. I have many of these and they're just starting to open the last few days.... :)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

You may sometimes wish you had more sun, but I wish we had more shade for all those wonderful plants you have there. I have been experimenting with putting some shade plants on the east side of the house, where they are protected from the hot afternoon sun. I still have some sun lovers, too, so, it's a bit of a hodge podge, but that's nothing new for me.

I'm glad you are enjoying spring.