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Cultivating Friends, Making Memories

Cultivating Friends, Making Memories
  July 12, 2012
Gloriosa Lily -  Gloriosa supurba
If you were to ask me to name a few favorite plants in my gardens, I would say without reservation that many of the “Number-One-Top-Favorites” are those received from special people in my life. Gardening lends itself to the creation of memories: memories of “plant forays” to nurseries, trips to interesting and/or notable places, and most especially, cultivating relationships with friends and relatives.

For example, my parents have shared many plants (what about that large-flowered, pale yellow daylily my dad and I purchased in Mason City many years ago? Upon returning home, we divided the plant so we could share it!) Not only did I receive daylilies, phlox, Virginia Bluebells and several other herbaceous perennials over the years, but also raspberries, asparagus, strawberries and rhubarb.

My Aunt MEA also has shared many plants over the years including: two varieties of phlox, several hostas, lily bulbs, a fern leaf peony, two varieties of Ginger, Blood Root and Geum triflorum (commonly called Purple Smoke).

Following a quick walk around the yard last night, I found I’ve received daylilies from Joan, Clustered Bellflower from Marty, Ostrich fern from Chris, Bleeding Heart and Glory Lily Gloriosa supurba from Kris, Hosta from Neil, Gooseneck Loosestrife from the church, and Heuchera from Connie. I hope I haven’t left anyone out!

A few very special items have been received from fellow Garden Bloggers. Because I’ve maintained a garden blog for over five years, I’ve “met,” through our posts and communications, gardeners not only from many states, but also several countries. We share information, inspiration, seeds and plants (we trade!). I’ve received seeds for Tennessee Coneflowers from Gail (Tennessee resident), Ligularia seeds from Jim (Ohio), Queen-of-the-Prairie from Kathleen (Colorado), Monarda plants from IVG of Des Moines, and several unusual plants from Iowa Boy of Iowa City.

“Landmark memories” might include nurturing the love of gardening in a child, the year of hardscape and landscape improvements, memories may involve such things as weather conditions or a battle with “critters.” What about garden parties, birthdays, graduation and wedding celebrations?

Whatever your interests or activities, take a walk around your yard. Perhaps you’ll find you’ve already created some pleasant, long-lasting memories. Gather some friends, share some plants, and make a few more special memories.

Happy gardening!
(Article written for and published in local newspaper)


Kathleen said...

I'm so glad we each have memories SG ~ I treasure my bluebells from you too! Every year when they bloom I remember you.
I miss you too. It's hard to keep up with everything especially with all the extra hand watering going on with this heat! It's pretty incredible ~ with no rain to boot, I'm not going to complain about snow this winter!
I envy you the gloriosa lilies ~ I tried them one year but must not have had them in the right spot?? I'm going to go back & see where (what conditions) you planted them... That pink one is GORGEOUS!!!
Stay cool & thanks so much for the link love & nice post.

Rosemary said...

Loved this post, thanks for sharing your memories....

Casa Mariposa said...

My garden has several plants that were given to me by a cherished friend. Our gardens are full of memories of each other, as gardens should be. :o)

Kimberley at Cosmos and Cleome said...

Nice post. I too have several plants that came from friends' gardens, and I love the memories they bring when they bloom every year. One of my favorites is not a garden plant, but an African violet that was my grandmother's. I inherited it when she moved into a nursing home about nine years ago. It is a powerhouse of a plant, and I've needed to divide it a few times and pass on the divisions to friends and family. Even though my grandmother died in 2006, her memory is living on in this violet!

It's also fun to actually garden with friends. One nearby friend and I occasionally spend an hour in her garden, then move over to my house for an hour. Good conversation certainly helps kill the drudgery of weeding!

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Gardening grows friends as well as plants!
I too enjoy the plants I've received from family and friends a lot.
It's nice to have the friends visit too and see how "their" plants are doing!

troutbirder said...

I do the same thing.... though I may forget the name of the plant I always remember the giver. I'm catching up today as my computer conked out permanently and some other problems (medical) cropped....

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kathleen, The odd, hard-to-take weather conditions are everywhere, aren't they?
I'm so glad the Virginia Bluebells continue to grow for you!!

Hi Rosemary!! Thanks for being a faithful visiting friend. :-)

Agreed, "Casa!" :-)

Kimberly, I love the idea of weeding with friends. Would be so much more fun!!

Hi,Gardener friend. It's true. Those visits to each others' homes/gardens are great.

troutbirder, I have "Marty's flower" even though I have recorded the real name! ha. I hope you're doing alright. Please keep me posted...

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed this post. How cool that it was in the newspaper!