Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ABC Wednesday -P stands for Peculiar!

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It stands to reason that such a Phenomenon could be called Peculiar.  Yet, in this case, one might describe the Performance of this Particular Plant as Particularistic!

In any case, the Plant under Perlustration is our sweet Trillium recurvatum .  (Click these words to view information courtesy of Wikipedia.)

This Pluralistic-acting Plant has a fascinating history in my woodland backyard.

Beginning our "Partnership" in Spring 2007, this trillium was sporting 5 leaves and 5 flower Petals (as opposed to the customary three of each).    I apologize that I do not have a photograph!!!

(You will also notice slight variations in the plant leaves and flower petals from year-to-year.)

In April 2008, it sprouted with 4 leaves and bore 4 flower Petals
(left: beginning of month;  right: end of month)  Click on the photos to enlarge!

 In April 2009, the plant's Performance included the Perfunctory 3 leaves and 3 Petals.
(left:  end of April,  right:  first of May)

In April 2010, the plant's Pursuance brought forth 4 leaves and 4 flower Petals.

April 2011's Production included 4 leaves and 3 Petals.

Last year's (April 2012) aPPearance brought forward 3 leaves (and 3 petals - of which I didn't obtain a Photo). 

The following Photos, were taken recently, documenting this year's growth . . . 

Emergent - April 23, 2013                             April 29, 2013  

. . . looks like there's an addition to the "family!"  I'm assuming it's the Parent Plant that has the four leaves and four flower Petals
 (you can see the four divisions) and the "baby" has the exPected three of each.  :-)

Happy Spring!
Shady (not-yet-in-the-shade) Gardener

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Jama said...

Interesting looking plant.

Roger Owen Green said...

I think the growing of a PLANT is PHENOMENAL!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team