Sunday, September 9, 2007

Thought you were going "buggy?"

Spiders (Araneae) » Opisthothelae » True Spiders (Araneomorphae) » Entelegynes » Orb Weavers (Araneidae) » Neoscona (Click on the photo if you want an up-close and personal view!)
He may not play baseball, but this fellow makes his living
catching flies!

Just don't let on about your arachnaphobia! :-)

According to Bugguide, this is spider is a Neoscona. It was just outside the front door, on the front porch, in its somewhat destroyed orb web. We're looking at its underside. I was taken with the markings that seemed somehow "facelike."

It didn't seem bothered at all that I was probably within "striking distance," so I took several photos. ;-)

The next photograph is a web I found a few weeks earlier. Perhaps my Neoscona left this one to make the other...Might it be that this is "Charlotte's" great-great-great-grandchild? Something to ponder out here in the shade!


Dellits said...

Oh my gosh! We have a spider like this outside our back door that Brad took pics of!!

Bob said...

Some good information on a gardeners friend. I know that they give many people the willies but they really eat a lot of bad bugs. Especially my favourites, the crab spiders. Also love your last post on the hummers. I've actually had on land on my finger. It was for only about t5 seconds but it was one to those hold your breath moments like you had. It was really cool.
All the best to you, BOB

Nikki (and sometimes Daniel) said...

So glad to know I am not the only one with an obsession for snapping pictures of any and every living things I can find in our yard. Your whole blog is a delight!

Shady Gardener said...

Now you know what it is! I love that there are spider experts out there!
Bob, Having a hummingbird land on your finger would indeed be a wonderous moment! I hope it happens to me.
Nikki (and daniel), Thanks for the compliment. It sounds as though we both enjoy "everything out there!"
Happy Hunting!

Dellits said...

where are you Aunt, Kath???

Shady Gardener said...

Leading "Grandma Camp" in central Michigan! ;-) Driving home Sept. 29.