Friday, September 7, 2007

Were We Talking About Moments That Take Your Breath Away?

There I stood on the front porch, leaning on and over a potted hibiscus with my arms outstretched. My camera was in my hands; focused on a single hummingbird feeder.

And, in came this little "hummer!"
Enjoy the photos. Please click on them for wonderful close-ups.
I couldn't help myself. There were so many little birds vying for each of the three feeders in the front yard, that I had to be part of the experience!

I'm sure I spotted only one male. His ruby throat is unmistakable.
(The males may have discovered the lone feeder I hid in the backyard yesterday. Possibly they were having an easier time of "sharing the wealth!"
As I held the camera, two or three of them hummed over and around my head, coming between my arms, under my chin, to sip nectar from the hibiscus flowers.

I could hardly breathe!

*As a postscript, you might have noticed all the "insectavariety" (my own word) with which the hummingbirds must compete for food.

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