Monday, October 5, 2009

It Was a Good Try!

The photo below was taken May 3, 2008.
(Don't forget to click on the first photo, esp. It enlarges!)
I post it here today to show you the capability of my old camera at a 3x magnification out the kitchen window. You can see the distance to my sister's little tree and how far it is to the Sunny Corner Bed. Now you must visualize the shepherd's hook in the foreground being out there by the daffodils (actually next to the second from the right).
Just as an aside, we've had these Baltimore Orioles visiting for two consecutive years! Yea!

Just the other day, there were two bluebirds in our front yard.
My new camera says 10x magnification, but goes beyond that... I took these at 40x.
Yes, I lost a little clarity (this bird was on the shepherd's hook)

And this one was on my sister's tree.
Both were taken with the Automatic Setting, which does incredible things all by itself. I haven't done my homework, yet with regard to the manual settings... But I was quite happy. What do you think??


Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Great job with the pics! I just got a better camera this year too and I'm loving the zoom as well. I still haven't figured out the manual settings on my camera either so don't feel bad. -Jackie

Rosey Pollen said...

You are figuring it out quite nicely. Cute bird.Keep up the good work.


Sande said...

Beautiful bluebird! I love them but rarely see them where I am. They're around, but not when I'm looking.
I wonder if your camera is like mine...I have both digital and optical zoom. Optical zoom is more stable and is the 10x setting. Anything past that is digital zoom and, especially at it's upper range, not as crisp. But, just to get a closer photo, I use it a lot anyways.
Happy shooting!

VW said...

A greater range of zoom for taking photos out the kitchen window will be especially helpful in the coming winter . . . brrr . . . how nice to snap shots while toasty warm inside.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What wonderful shots of the Blue Bird. Just love them and got them to visit me for the first time this summer by putting up a house for them. Needless to say I put up another house this Fall.
You are lucky to get the Orioles to visit. I keep trying to get some here. They are such a pretty bird.

Dave@The Home Garden said...

I would be really excited to see an oriole. I don't think I've ever seen one in the wild before, only pictures. I hope I can see more!

Frances said...

I would be thrilled with photos of this quality so far away! Birds are so difficult, they don't stay still long enough for a little of fiddling with the camera and I cannot sit and wait with the tripod. I love bluebirds too. :-)

Kathleen said...

Nice pics! That new camera is paying off. I had to look close to see the oriole in the first photo but I bet next year you'll get some fabulous photos of them too. I wish I could get a bluebird in my yard! I sure miss seeing them.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think you will have fun with your new camera. A tripod would keep some of that fuzz away probably because you moved a tad on the higher magnification.

jo©o said...

I am usually far too lazy to get a tripod set up, but it would make a difference. That bird doesn't seem real. 40x zoom: that is better than binoculars.

Mary Delle said...

I only get good shots because I use my fiancee's camera. But I have yet to catch a pair of blue birds. You have got to have patience to get that. Congratulations.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Jackie, Then we can compare notes, right? ;-)

Hi Rosey, Thanks. I'll keep at it. :-) A most exciting prospect, besides garden photograhy, etc., is photographing the birds.

Sande, I believe you described it perfectly. It's what I needed to know. I'm glad I have the capability, and like you - I'll probably use it a lot! :-)

VW, Absolutely! Thanks for visiting! :-)

Hocking Hills Gardener, You're right. They are beautiful. The orioles are very striking! Are you living near a woodlands at all?

Hi Dave, When they come, I'll try to be ready with my camera! They don't "Winter-over" here. But I'll be patient 'til Spring! :-)

Frances, Believe it or not, even without a tripod, I've been getting some pretty crisp photos. I believe I'm finding that I shouldn't hurry the zoom just prior to taking the photo!

Kathleen, someday I want to take photos like YOU! ;-)

Lisa, You're probably right. I will continue to experiment!

Joco, It's rather amazing, isn't it? You're probably right about the tripod, but this "auto" digital feature is pretty great!

Mary Delle - That fiance! ;-) Great that he has such a camera and that he lets you use it!! Thanks for your visit today.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Those are great pictures of such cute birds. I need to practice more with my zoom.

Anonymous said...

SG, Photography is a somewhat daunting mix of science and art, don't you think? Playing with the camera is a lot of fun. Lately I've been fiddling with the exposure setting. The bluebird is gorgeous. How nice it's going to be to get great photos from your kitchen window.

Urban Green said...

Cute little bird!! Pictures are nice.

Gail said...

A new camera is a lot of fun and your bluebird shots are lovely. They are great birds to have in the garden! gail

Rosemary said...

How lucky to be able to entice these great birds into visiting your garden...........good photos even with that magnification.

Commonweeder said...

Beautiful photos. Taking pictures of shy moving creatures takes more than a camera. Even a really good camera - and you've got it.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Catherine, I don't think of bluebirds coming to a woodland setting, even though we have a small bit of open area in front... but they visited very shortly after the house was put up (and after wrens moved in). The returned to peek in a couple of times during the summer, and now they're back for a last look (I presume) until next Spring.

Grace, Isn't it something to see such beauty, right through your window? It was a nice surprise to see them, again. It does take awhile to gain an understanding of and "feel" for a new camera... but you're right - playing with it is a lot of fun! :-)

Gail, I'm going to assume you have bluebirds. Can I also assume they Winter over, down there?? (Wouldn't that be a treat?) :-)

Rosemary, I don't know that I enticed them, other that the fact Mr. Shady put up a house... but if they want to visit, I won't turn them away! ;-)

Commonweeder, Thanks for your visit! The camera and I will probably take a lot more getting used to each other! :-)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That's some wicked zoom! Now you can shoot excellent photos of birds all winter. I'm in agreement with those who have suggested a tripod.

Shady Gardener said...

Urban Green, thanks! And thank you for visiting!

MMD, It's pretty crazy. Sometimes the focus is much clearer. It seems to depend upon my taking my time between turning on the camera and zooming in (to allow the digital camera to "catch up!") I'm sure a tripod would be nice, but I'm also catching on. :-)

Sue said...

Hi Shady,
I am glad I enlarged the first photo, because I hadn't even noticed the bird. I enjoyed the close ups with your zoom. I have had my camera since December, and still haven't read the manual through to learn how to use the manual settings. Well, I have read parts of it, but haven't practiced enough to remember how the next time. I actually had tried to figure out how to use my super macro, and had decided my camera didn't have it. Then, I found out how to get it by accident.

It's good we are having fun with our cameras, and learning at our own speeds. LOL

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Sue, Absolutely fun to have a new camera!

I haven't yet read the book about using any of my manual settings, yet. I think you're ahead of me! ha. :-)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

What a difference a new camera makes. My camera is only a 3x, maybe it is time to get a new one. Great shots.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Deborah, I'm really enjoying my camera. (I thought for a long time before I switched to this one.) :-)