Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh, Yea! Check Out This Tree!

I Couldn't Help Myself!

We really needed another tree!

(click on any of the photos...)

(flag marks the spot)
So, I called for help! Some great friends/folks from our local Nursery accomodated me.

Getting ready to plant...

Oh! Isn't this getting exciting?

Yea! Look at that!
I had to give a hug! :-)

Well, what do you think?

We planted a 'Sunburst' (seedless, thornless) Honey Locust tree.
(Some nice information if you click above link. It'll be fine here, as it will tolerate partial sun)

Beautiful Spring foliage.
Nice filtered shade.
30 to 40 feet tall... someday.
Pretty as a picture!
Not toooo shady. ;-)


Nickie said...

new trees are just so exciting! I am excited for you. :) Nice choice. I love the locusts. We have wild ones here. Some are thorn less, some not but I live them all!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Yay trees! I often do in fact hug them! Love the locust.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Right on! You can grow just about anything under a Honeylocust. I love its foliage color, it will shine in your yard.

Nutty Gnome said...

I knew you wouldn't be able to resist another tree!
I'm sure it'll look great .... even though I have NO idea of what a Honeylocust tree looks like! :)
Enjoy hugging it though!

Gail said...

What a great choice and I love the photo of happy Shady! Didn't you lose a few trees that needed to be replaced! gail

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Congrats! New trees are so exciting. :)

Rosemary said...

Locusts are lovely trees, another tree to help keep the earth green.Way to go!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Nickie, Thanks for your visit. I'm understanding how busy you are... so I appreciate your stopping by even more. I just left a comment on one of your recent posts. Hope you find it. :-)

Hi Monica, Glad you approve. I'll hug it for you! ;-)

MMD, :-) Thanks for your visit. I'm looking forward to having a new venue. ha. I may move the bed that used to be around the "clump" near this tree. (Oh, exciting prospects of projects to come!)

Hi Liz, Did the link in the post not show a photo of the tree? You would really like it. It has very tiny leaflets on its compound leaves that are bright green in its new Spring growth! It puts out very light shade in the summer (as opposed to the dense shade of maples and oaks).

Hi Gail, Yep! I'm a happy Shady...
and Spring will have one more reason for anticipation! :-)
(Scroll down and you'll see a bit of a history/story.) Is there to be a Spring Fling this coming year?

Hi Rebecca, You have a nice variety of trees at your place. I'm glad to add to the Variety, here. :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A great choice. Good job by all.

fairegarden said...

Oh Shady, that is a very nice tree! I have seen it in the catalogs. So good to have some strong fellows to do the digging and planting too! Love it! :-)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Lisa! :-)

Frances, A couple of strong arms do make a difference! And I DO enjoy watching someone else work! ha. :-)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It sounds like it'll be beautiful. Won't it be fun to watch the leaves emerge in spring? Hope you'll share pictures of it then!

Shady Gardener said...

Catherine, Big hopes. I'm sure it will be gorgeous. In the meantime, you can be assured I'll be sharing photos! ;-)

Kathleen said...

That's a great tree Shady Gardener. I love a locust because of the lacy foliage. You'll have even more shade in shady garden now! A good idea to bring in some strong guys to plant too. I need to do more of that.
btw, thanks for asking about my daughter. She is doing well. Every day I see a little more improvement and a bit more of herself. :-) Hooray.

VW said...

Congrats on the new tree. I love honey locusts and planted 6 of them in 2007. They give shade just when you need it, then drop their leaves early to give you plenty of time to view the elegant branches.

Jenns Three Graces said...

My friend James was a huge fan of shade gardening and belonged to the Hosta Society - he taught me to love different varieties of shade loving plants. I have a shade garden in his honor now. We lost him to a brain tumor 3 years ago - but every time I look at the memory garden I smile - hostas, lily of the valley and more - love your site - thanks, Jennifer

troutbirder said...

I'm jealous... a space to plant a tree. Oh well...

Chad and Brandy said...

Ha, We have 3 dogwoods sitting in pots in the backyard. Brandy will not let me plant them because we have a pretty small yard anyway. I'll hold onto them until we will the lottery and get that 100 acre farm we want.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kathleen, Thank you for your visit - and am glad you're seeing your daughter improving. Keep me posted. :-)

Hi VW, I just visited your site and it seems you were Very Busy this year!! :-) Thanks for stopping in!

Jennifer, thank you for stopping to visit me. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but a living tribute to a person in the form of a tree, bush, and/or garden is a wonderful remembrance. I have a tree in our front yard in memory of my sister.

troutbirder, You wouldn't want my predicament... we had to cut some down in order to have the room to plant others. Yipes!

Chad (and Brandy), Hmmm. I hope your dogwoods thrive in their pots. If they don't, I could make room.... ;-) Have a great day!

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

What a great choice - the Honey Locust will look so lovely there

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Karen! I'm glad you approve. I think it's supposed to grow rather fast, even though it's not particularly a "soft" tree. :-) Have a great day!