Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Z Stands for Zowies!

And it stands for Zip,

As well as Zealous

(My effort in participating in this meme.
However, this final post is Way Late!)

And it stands for Zoom!

It is the Zoom that I will employ here.

Meet Kopper King hibiscus. I introduced him into our raised beds three Springs ago... which means that this is his third growing season. He stands in a partly shady area. But, Tah! Dah!
I'm happy to announce that the King has begun to Rule!

He's going to bloom, and I'm going Zany! ha.

He stands in partial shade, but
he's NOT shady! ;-)


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great post! And impressive plant, but what happens now that the end of the alphabet has been reached?

Rosemary said...

LOL you made me zmile with this post.

Rose said...

He's looking good, Shady! I always had trouble with the end of the alphabet when I was doing this meme--I think I must have posted zinnias every time:)

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Someone was posting about Zowie zinnias, too. Zooper!

Kathleen said...

I want to see a picture of you being "zany!!" :-)
So is "Kopper King" a copper color?? I am not familiar with him. I'm glad he's going to bloom for you after three years of tending! I hope you'll show us the photos ~ I'm curious as to what he will look like.

joey said...

Summer is zipping away :( Do hope yours is happy :)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Rebecca, They've begun ABC #7... I'll not be joining. It was fun, though. :-)

Hi Rosemary! ;-Z

Rose, You were the one that inspired me to try this. Will you be participating again? Just remember when it comes to Z, just head over here for a few words. ha!

Monica, I was so late in participating, I couldn't even find the final list of those who did post the Z!

btw: We are heading to Mt Pleasant, Michigan before long...

Hi Kathleen, :-) I'll post a zany photo one of these days - just for you! ha!

Kopper King probably gets his name from the foliage. His flower is white with pink or red... I'm excited to see him in real life, too!

Hi Joey! It is Zippering right along! :-) Btw: We're heading for Mt. Pleasant, MI before long!

Noelle said...

I think the period of time just before a flower blooms is filled with so much anticipation of the first beautiful petals emerging. I too am wondering what you will do now that you have come to the end of the alphabet?

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Noelle, I agree re: anticipation! With regards to the meme, I'm taking a "vacation." ;-) They've begun #7, but I cannot participate. (It really was fun though)