Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally - a Garden Tour - Second Try that Worked!

Our Local Art Association's Annual Garden Tour - June 20, 2010

The original date of the Garden Tour was Sunday, June 13. It rained every other day prior and twice on the the 13th! So it was postponed until the next Sunday, June 20th.

I held my breath all morning! (Well, that could be an exaggeration . . . lol.) It did rain during the night, but the early morning was sunny. By the time I left Church at 12:00 noon, the sky was cloudy. Many people reminded me of the day's forecast - a 70% chance of precipitation. Hmmm.

At 1:00 (the official starting time), the gray sky began to lighten, the clouds began breaking apart, and before long the sun was shining. Yes, it was warm and quite humid, but the event was held and nary a drop of rain threatened anyone anywhere at any time! Yea!

Ooops? I didn't even think to use my camera until later. Would YOU want yourself photographed during a tour? (I didn't think I would.)


Would you like a little tour? ----- click on any photo - most should enlarge somewhat -----

Hazel and Harry "meeting and greeting" (left photo)

My dad made this planter pole (right photo) with the birdhouse several years ago... I ran out of time to put potted plants on it. Friends loaned me the cute chair for the birds . . . should I create one for myself?? :-)

One of the Driveway Gardens
(the little birdhouse was a participation-gift)

Looking towards the front of the Front Yard Gardens (left)
Here are the Nasturtiums from the Grow Project! (right)

both photos: front yard gardens

more front yard

a look back at the front yard (left photo)
a look to your right side at the evergreen bed (right)

A look back at the front yard garden beds (left)
A look down the south side of the house (right)

Raised Beds - a little peek from the west side. FYI: Many of the daylilies in the prior post have been blooming here!

Another view of the raised beds - with parts of the new fence panels and

and the flower boxes

Don't you think they need a little wooden trim accent on the front
with a contrasting color inset? Something to think about...

Southeast side of house (left)
A look to the right at the head of the woodland walk (right)

Ligularia 'Rocket' getting ready to bloom (left)
peek at the Woodland Walk (right)

Woodland Walk
straight ahead (left)
a view of the right side (right)

Woodland walk - check out the bench - Gladys is there! (left)
a glance to the right (right)

Looking back at where we've been

A peek back at the south side of the house (left)
The Shed Bed (right)

Center Backyard Beds

A look backwards

Sunnier Backyard Bed
Left photo: A peek north ('Blueberry Muffin' Viburnum on the right)
Right photo: The south end of the bed

Photos taken from behind the Sunnier Backyard Bed:
You can see the Lily Bed across the way . . .

Top of the Backyard Bed
Southeast end

Left photo: midway
Right photo: A peek ahead

From the west end, looking east:
left photo: the first plant is 'Quick Fire' Hydrangea - very early blossoms begin as Bright White. I'm watching for the change to the pinkish red!
right photo: beginning the walk down the north side of the bed (the daylily in the lower right corner is 'Total Look' which has been blooming these past few days!)

Getting closer to 'Sum and Substance' with 'Pineapple Upside Down Cake' in the center of the second photo. Aruncus Goatsbeard on either side of S&S.

That's enough, don't you think?? Yes, there's just a little more here and there. However, being on a tour was great fun. I'd recommend YOU join a one someday! :-)


Kathleen said...

omg, so much to see in your garden! I'm sure everyone was absolutely blown away. I'm glad you were able to get the tour in ~ it would have been a shame to miss a stroll thru your fabulous garden. I love the containers you built into your fence panels. I didn't notice them before (or were they later additions?) It really looks wonderful there SG.

Randy Emmitt said...

I saw your post with the photo of the two people in chairs and thought. Hey has Shady been to NC as it looked like these two ladies in chairs made of concrete and broken plates at a garden nearby.
Have a great weekend!

Rosey said...

Everything looks great! Your Hosta are gigantic. The fencing is really nice, too!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Such beautiful pictures, your garden is looking wonderful! I especially like the 'look back to the front yard'. I thought of you the other day, after I realized that I cut off all of the flower stalks from my Barbara Sherwood, which will make it much more difficult to collect seeds for you. So sorry!

Jim Groble said...

Your garden looks wonderful. jim

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Looking good !
Like the flower boxes and pathways.
The tour had to be fun...someday I may list my yard for our annual tour...may be a little small.

jo©o said...

There is so much to it.
I hope you handed out maps and a compass to prevent people getting lost :-)
What a lot of preparation you did to get it all looking so good (two weeks running no less).
I'll be back to click on the pics. It is getting rather late.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kathleen, The containers were added - just in time! ;-) YOU would do a better job of planting them!

Randy, Have you ever taken photos of the concrete/mosaic people?? I'd love to see them! AND if I were ever headed toward NC, I'd be letting you two know! :-)

Thanks, Rosie! The hosta are now getting to be mature, and the weather has been wonderful this Spring! Great combination!

Rebecca, HOW can you think of everything?? I'm sure something will work out. Love that Barbara Sherwood, though! :-)

Thank you, Jim. My little seedlings look wonderful - still sleeping pretty much, yet. ha.

Patsi, You should do it!! The size Does Not Matter!! It's what's in them that counts. :-) Yours would be wonderful.

Hi Jo! Good to hear from you!! I just pointed people in a direction and they took it from there. ha. Hope all is well with you.

Northern Shade said...

Shady, you have so much to see, from the sunny front beds to the shady back. Thank goodness you lucked out with the weather, so everyone must have had a great afternoon touring.

You have so many nice big Hosta and lovely ferns in your woodland walk. What is the name of the Hosta with the white centre on the leaves, just to Gladys' right?

I enjoyed clicking all of the photos to check out the details of your plantings.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Northern Shade! Glad you could join the tour. ;-) I'm positive the hosta in which you're interested is 'Night Before Christmas.' It's very striking, isn't it? Thanks for your compliments! Have a great day!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Aren't garden walks fun? Thanks for taking me along on yours--that was fun.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'd love to actually wander through your garden, it looks lovely and inviting. I really like how you've done the path through the center backyard bed.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Monica, :-) Glad you could make it!

MMD, I would Love to have you wander through my garden. Probably without me because I'd chatter at you all the time! ha.

Ginger said...

The baby fox in your header is SO cute!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Ginger, I could "swear" I'd left you a response last night... However, I totally agree!! Wonder what he's doing now that he's a whole month older??