Tuesday, June 29, 2010

X is for eXcited! :-)

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A Beautiful Daylily!

I thought I'd show you what's been blooming this past week.

(Sunny Corner) 'Siloam Dream Baby'

(backyard lily bed) 'Summer Wine'

(raised beds) unknown

(raised beds) unknown

(raised beds) unknown

(raised beds) unknown

(raised beds) unknown

(front beds) unknown
(small peach-transplanted from our last home)

(front beds) unknown
(transplanted from our last home)

(sunny corner) 'Pardon Me'

(sunny corner) H fulva 'Kwanzo'

(sunny corner) unknown (plant originally in raised beds)

(driveway gardens) unknown
Below are the No-Name triplets - three plants purchased
bare-root this Spring. Supposed to be Pink ('Romantic Rose').
Hopefully they can send me new roots sometime this Winter.

(front beds) 'Rosy Returns'

(raised beds) unknown
(I ordered in 2003, but lost the tag)

(raised beds) unknown

(front beds) 'My Melinda'

(raised beds and woodland walk) 'Custard Candy'

(raised beds) unknown

(raised beds) 'Siloam Double Classic'

(raised beds) 'Spiritual Corridor'
(raised beds) 'Startle'

(front beds) 'Ed Brown'
(backyard lily bed) name unknown

(backyard lily bed) 'Purple d'Oro'

(backyard lily bed) 'My Reggae Tiger'

(backyard beds) 'Pretty in Pink'

(backyard beds) 'Madonna'

(backyard beds) 'Total Look'
(from Iowa Boy - 2008)


troutbirder said...

My goodness they sure are gorgeous and so many varieties. I'd never keep all those names straight!

Kate said...

Oh, how lovely. Now you've got me excited, too. I go nuts over those peachy colors... :)

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I;m always amazed by how many colors of day lilies there are, and in what shapes. I tend to like the ones with narrow petals.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi troutbirder! Some friends and I visited a hybridizer in SE Iowa today. He's in his 80's and has ALL the names down in his many beds! :-) I TRY to keep the labels and write them in a little book . . . not always successful, though.

Hi Kate - I love those peachy pink ones, too. How did you like the little double peach?

Monica, Isn't it amazing? Sometimes the differences are very slight. I like the 'spider' types, too. Esp. as a contrast to the others. :-)

Rosey said...

Wow! You sure have some prolific lilies growing!

That kit is so cute, even if he caused a bit of trouble.

Rosemary said...

Shady what a wonderful collection of daylilies. Impressed at the many varieties.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Rosey, Thanks! :-) The kit IS cute - and we haven't seen him, his siblings or mom since June 4th. I'd love to catch another glimpse of him... outside the flower beds, now that he'd have grown larger! ;-)

Hi Rosemary!! I cannot get into your site. By the time Blogger has finished loading, all that's left of your blog is the header. I catch a glimpse of your posts, but never have time to leave a quick post! Wish you had an e-mail address!

LC said...

Hi... you have some of the same daylilies as I have... yours are obviously farther along by perhaps a week. I wish I'd kept track of the names better... as you obviously have! You asked a question on my blog regarding tours and lilies. The asiatics are generally earlier than the orientals. Many have upfacing blooms with no fragrance although some fragrance is now being bred into the newer releases. They can have subtle coloring, but many are very hot colors. The orientals on the other hand have glorious fragrance and beautiful, generally softer colors. The form of the oriental blossoms is often frillier and very sophisticated in appearance. My problem with the orientals is that they start to decline after three years in my gardens... I really need to plant some new ones every year. The asiatics on the other hand, multiply and do very well. My newest love in lilies are the orienpets... a cross between orientals and trumpets. Some of mine are seven feet tall this year and almost ready to bloom. The fragrance is from the oriental side of the cross and amazing!
Regarding the tours.. I've hosted two groups already and starting next Tuesday, there are seven more group tours scheduled. I also get groups who picnic in the gardens and groups that have a bible study in the gazebo. The gardens are to share with others and last year we had about 700 'others' visit them. We also do prom pictures for the local high school every year... busy times but fun! Larry

joey said...

A stunning parade, Shady! My daylilies are also waking in an explosion of color, many to unseen by me when away :(

ShySongbird said...

Wow! No wonder you are eXcited, Shady with all those beauties in your garden :) What a colourful collection they are! The names are such fun too.

Out of curiosity I clicked on Rosemary's site and could only see the header too. Have you thought of putting a temporary post up using her name in the title to attract her attention which of course you can remove when she has seen it and got your message. I did that once when I had trouble getting on to someone's site and it worked a treat...just a suggestion :)

Shady Gardener said...

LC, Thank you so much for the information and insight on the lilies. My trumpet lilies are pretty amazing - orienpet are wonderful!! I don't have any, but maybe someday... :-) What a wonderful service you offer by allowing so many people to use your gardens. Good for you!!

Hi Joey, Love those daylilies. It's hard to miss the blossoms, isn't it?? Do you know anyone who would take photos for you?

Shy Sbird, thanks for the compliment and thanks for the suggestion! I'd actually thought of it, but YOU have given me the incentive to do something about it. :-)

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

I am speechless - your daylilies are amazing!!

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite amongst all those beauties.


Shady Gardener said...

Hi Karen, Some of them are SO pretty, aren't they? I'm hoping to visit a Daylily hybridizer very soon - he's offering some of his plants for sale in August. But I have to go leave my name on the one(s) I want. :-)