Wednesday, June 9, 2010

U --- Uff-dah!

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At the end of my sixth grade school year my family moved into an extremely northern-Iowa farming community comprised largely of people of Norwegian descent. Uff-dah (oooof-dah) was the exclamation used to react to nearly anything.

You know how we're getting ready for the Garden Tour tomorrow . . .

Cutting and Painting are in order for set #3! :-)

Can you see the post set down there by my compost bin?
That will be set #4, as it turns the corner.




jo©o said...

Undeniably Ultra-marine.

Rosey said...

You have been a busy little bee. Love that fence. Looking good!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Jo~ What do you think about this blue-ness? I kind of like it better than the other design . . .

Hopefully tomorrow is the "big day." It rained over 2 inches today. We don't want any more rain before or during tomorrow.

Hi Rosey! Mr. Shady earned his dinner last night! (He worked very hard yesterday and it was hot!) Thanks for the compliment. It's a dream/invention come true!!

Anonymous said...

You've been busy with those panels. Looking good.

And the fox at the top is adorable. I am really jealous.

Randy Emmitt said...

The fox is wild to get in your garden! I saw one last year on our road in the car headlights it was a big one.

Love the panels, very cool. Hey Meg is starting her first ever second grade class in a few weeks, she gave up 5th grade.

jo©o said...

Have a happy visiting day. Hope they all behave and ooh and aah.
Tomorrow you can collapse and enjoy it for yourselves.

To be frank: I loved your old green template. I hope you did a back-up. As I said, your old format was incredibly soothing. But then I am slow to accept new things. So they tell me :-)
The fox is lovely and the blue shows off the pictures well, but I have trouble reading the text.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Love that little garden visitor too, Shady. Good luck with the tour.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Chad and Brandy! I'm just plain excited about the panels. Mr. Shady is going to make two white flower boxes to go between the gate and the panels on each side. :-)

Randy, Isn't it so cute? I'm thrilled about Meg's teaching 2nd grade! (It's "the best!" - My opinion, at least.)

Hi Jo, How do you like this color scheme? I liked the blue, but I agree that the green is more fitting.

Grace, Wasn't he so cute? Thanks for the well-wishes. I will soon post about today's events!

Roger Owen Green said...

Sounds like it could be a "clean" curse word!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team