Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day - June 2010

Okay - I'm a day late and probably a dollar short, but I've appeared with my Muse Day Post!! :-)

If you'd like to see Carolyn' Gail's post, and the others participating in her muse, click on the logo below!

Campanula glomerata 'Supurba'
Clustered Bellflower

A Gardener's Disclaimer/Explanation - prior to the Muse Day Post.

Thank you friends for bearing with me during the previous two posts. I needed time for a little "creativity!" :-) You must know that things are very busy over here at chez-Shady. I was asked (and agreed) to participate in the annual local Garden Tour. This will take place Sunday afternoon, June 13.

In other words, accelerated busy-ness is the current by-word. When the weather permits, you will find me planting (just a couple more perennials as well as annuals in pots and a few the ground), weeding, mulching, mowing, raking, trimming, braiding and cuffing, deadheading, composting, etc. You will also find me painting longed-for projects, such as my garden panels - some of which are being put in place (!), bird houses, additional plant labels . . . you get the idea.

Gladys is also busy with her agenda: Who will sit where (relative to Hazel, Harry and herself), whether Susie-scare-the-birds' replacement will show up in time, where to place tables and chairs and refreshment items (lemon aid, tea and/or water?). You know Gladys!! lol.

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day - June 2010

The Days Are Clear

The days are clear,
Day after day,
When April's here,
That leads to May,
And June
Must follow soon:
Stay, June, stay! -
If only we could stop the moon
And June!

Christina Georgina Rossetti


Carolyn Gail said...

That's a new one for me, Shady, but very nice.

I can certainly relate to how busy you must be preparing for the garden tour.

Happy June.

Rosemary said...

Love garden tours ,always amazing to see all the work involved by those showing their gardens , way to go.

joco said...

You may be a day late, I am a day early.
I'm out all day tomorrow, so I want to send you a "Happy You-Know-What-Day" now. Take a break from hard labour and enjoy the day.
Amici sumus

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

A blog is inherently personal--feel free to post about whatever strikes your fancy, even if (gasp!) it isn't about plants. I may just post about bicycling!

Rosey said...

I was never daring enough for a tour. I hope it goes well for you!

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me why I don't do garden tours. Whew... I admire your ability, bravery and vision. It will be a lovely time for everyone involved, I'm sure.

Kate said...

That clustered bellflower is quite delicious! It looks a lot like a purple sage we grow in these parts. Very pretty!

Gail said...

If June were only cooler~it's been in the 90s I would wish it here! Good luck with the tour~exciting to think about one~I would get a few projects completed! gail

Kathleen said...

omg, Shady G., I probably wouldn't even be posting if my garden were going to be on the tour!!! I'd be fussing and worrying over getting everything just "so." Your garden is a terrific choice for the tour ~ I'm sure you'll get loads of compliments. Hope it's fun too.

p.s. C. glomerata is beautiful.

Rose said...

A belated Happy Muse Day, Shady! I can certainly relate to this being such a busy time. I can't seem to get everything done; if I had lots of visitors coming soon, I'd be in a frenzy:) Good luck on your garden tour--I'm sure it will be a lot of fun with Gladys and Rosalie and the gang.

PatioPatch said...

Happy Muse day from me too and all the best with your garden tour. Popped over because I'm a shady lady too but I guess you have some sun for that glorious rose.

You are amazingly creative too - are your days longer than the usual 24 hrs?!


Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Sure are busy !
Hope the garden tour is a success and you enjoy yourself.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi All!! I wish I had time to respond individually.

Mr. Shady and I have been out of town for the last 4 1/2 days. NOW I can panic because I have exactly 4 days to prepare for the garden tour! ha. It is what it is! Think of me, please! ;-)

PS I will finish a post tomorrow (ABC) and you'll see a project that is in the works!! yea!