Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GBBD - June 2010

Carol of May Dreams Gardens began this meme some time ago. For the most part, I enjoy showing a few blossoms. I've never made a list like this before. I hope it's helpful. I probably won't make the list ever again. (I'm up way past my bedtime tonight!) ha.

Click on the logo below to pay Carol a visit, read her post, and see who else is participating. :-)

White Trumpet Lilies

Gerbera Daisy

Gooseneck Loosestrife

Asiatic and/or Oriental Lilies that are beginning to bloom:
'Ceb Paint'
'Crimson Pixie' (now fading)
'Mirabella' (now fading)
'Bright Pixie'

Monarda 'Jacob Cline' is just now beginning to show his colors (two small blossoms).

Stachys 'Hummelo' (Lamb's Ear family)

Asclepias - Butterfly Milkweed

Veronica Speedwell


(Mouse ear

The first blink
of "Mattie"

the phlox
given me
last year
by Aunt MEA


from Gail



'Paradigm' (above)
'Blue Cadet'
'Baby Tears' has just begun
'Blue Giant'
'City Lights'
(many others are getting ready)

above: Campanula glomerata (Clustered Bellflower) 'Superba' is on its way out
Heuchera Coral Bells:
'Dolche Key Lime' (above)
'Rosey Bells' (above)
'Snow Angel'
Palace Purple (on the way out)
'Green Spice' (on the way out)
'Melting Fire' (getting ready)

Astilbe: 'Key West' below (a new one!)

'Fanal' (red)
'White Deutschland'
'Bressingham Beauty' (about finished)
'Pumila Chinensis' (dwarf astilbe) nearly ready!

Daylilies: below - unnamed miniature.
(Wrong roots in bare-root package!) ha.

One yellow spider lily in blossom
Stella d'Oro
unnamed dark red (in front) nearly ready
unnamed yellow (in front) blooming
unnamed small peach (in front) blooming
'Rosy Returns'
'Stella Supreme'
'Happy Returns'


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Such beautiful blooms!!! Your lilies are stunning, and your shastas have me impatiently waiting for mine (buds just starting to form). Your garden looks wonderful, and I love your new header. What a special little guy. :)

PatioPatch said...

The answer to your blog is No - things grow much better in your yard than my garden! Lovely blooms here - nice shot of the coneflower :)

Laura x

Rosemary said...

Shady What a lot of colour in your garden. Lovely.

Rose said...

First off, what an adorable photo of the little fox in your header! I hope he stays out of your pulmonarias, though.

What an impressive list of blooms, Shady! I've never done this before; I'm lucky to get a few photos taken for Bloom Day:) So many lovely blooms--like you, I enjoy the delicate heuchera blooms and the hostas almost as much as the showier flowers. And you have a Tennessee coneflower--I'm so jealous! I never could get my seeds to germinate.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

It is certainly a very pretty time in your garden! I am surprised how much earlier many of your plants bloom in comparison with my garden. For example,Monarda, Stachys. Of course, our spring and summer are cooler and more wet than usual.
Happy gardening!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It looks like your garden has been enjoying the rain. Your Trumpet Lilies are ahead of mine this year and it seems way too early for Heuchera 'Palace Purple' to be done blooming. The new Astilbe is beautiful.
BTW - the girl LOVED your header with the fox kit. (She's very into foxes right now.) It's a fantastic shot.

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Nice blooms! I just picked up a spent Yellow Lily today for $3. It should look great next year! Great picture of your little fox there. I sure wish I had my foxes from last year around now rather than the deer.

troutbirder said...

Beautiful photos Shady. I'd love to give a garden tour but would be too embarrased, as I doubt I know the names of half the stuff growing in my garden. :(

Shady Gardener said...

Hi All! I don't know what happened, but the last two times I've left comments, they don't "stick!" ;-) I'll try again.

Hi Rebecca, Believe it or not, I planted those shasta daisies only last year! Princess is supposed to stay short. :-)

Laura, You are too kind! I can't take credit, as this year's growing season began early and very well! :-)

Rose, it is hard for me to take the time to make a list . . . but I'd seen others do it, so thought perhaps I should do it at least Once! ;-) Gail mentioned she'd save seeds again this year. If you want some of my leftover seeds, I could send you a few. Perhaps placing a few between paper towels in a baggie for a couple of days first? Then just put the seeds/toweling directly into the soil. :-)

Tatyana, Yours is cooler and ours has been warmer and ahead of season. Nearly everything is ahead of schedule!! The Monarda and stachys really surprised me, too!

MMD, It's been an interesting Spring and if anyone was ever anxious for things to bloom, this is the year to be enjoying the garden! ;-) I'm so glad your daughter enjoyed the fox photo. The little fellow was Very Cute!

Dave, I can well imagine that fox would be much preferred! :-) I love bargains and yellow lilies are beautiful. I have a few of those blooming, too! I planted a bag of Ceb Paint (inexpensive) last Fall and they're doing well.

Troutbirder, Please allow me to tour your gardens someday!! I really am not a snob about the names of the plants. It's just that that was a goal when we moved here, and I've tried very hard to keep track of things. (Not always successful!) :-)

Kathleen said...

You have quite a list there Shady! That would have taken me forever to compile. It's all looking wonderful. You're ahead of us too. That's okay, you just reminded me of what's around the corner. :-)
Sorry your garden tour got rained out ~ hope it's nice for this weekend. Now you have another week to prepare!! and finish painting the posts, etc.

Shady Gardener said...

Kathleen - you are absolutely right! :-) Mr. Shady finished the last of the panels (I should make one more . . . yipes!) and also made one planter box. (Yea!) You'll see other projects, too. Hopefully I at least get the tour photographed and online, even if we DO get rained out again. (Cross your fingers and toes!) ha.

joey said...

Lovely parade of June flowers, Shady! You are ahead of me on many favorites ... good for you ... when yours have passed by, you can come and visit me for an encore :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Wow! You've got a lot blooming! I've just planted some Daylilies this year and can't wait to see some bloom. I didn't realize slugs liked them and they keep chewing off the flowers. I love the Milkweed and can't wait for my 'Jacob Cline' to start blooming.
I just love the fox kit on your header!!
I love your new blog look. This color really makes the pictures "pop" I think. We both have great taste :)

Shady Gardener said...

I would love to visit your gardens, Joey! We are to be in Michigan the first week or so of August. Hmmmmm. Wonder if Mr. Shady would negotiate a detour?

Catherine, What daylilies did you plant? They are one of my Very Favorite flowers - what a variety one can find!!
:-) I agree. :-)

ShySongbird said...

What beautiful blooms, it puts my garden to shame, I am so behind with everything this year including blogging :( I love the Shasta Daisies!

I also loved (on the earlier post) the birdhouse which your Dad made, so pretty... and also all your lovely garden 'friends', Gladys, Rosalie, Bertha etc :)

joey said...

Let's work on it, Shady! August is not the best face for my perennial garden but I sure would love to meet you and give you a hug!

joco said...

Hiya Shady,

Fingers crossed that it is all going to be as beautiful tomorrow (Sunday) and that the weather will be just right.
What is going into the new window boxes you mentioned? Have you got something tucked away for those?
Whatever, enjoy the day.

Northern Shade said...

It's handy to have a oomplete list of what is in bloom. I like to keep track of the beginning and end dates of bloom time, but then I have to quantify everything, put it on spreadsheet and graph it. :)

Your light blue Veronica makes a nice duo with the yellow daylily.

Shady Gardener said...

Shy songbird, Thanks for your visit! I know very well how busy it gets at this time of year!! :-)
Your flower photos are always very nice!

Hi Joey, I haven't run it past "Mr. Shady," yet. But I hope this works out. :-)

Hi Jo! It was a fabulous day, despite the forecast that people kept warning me about. ha. I will show photos before long, I hope! Grandchildren will visit this coming week, though...

Oh, Northern! I cannot allow myself to get that involved - bloom times, etc. It would be great info, but I don't think I could handle it!! (I'll let you tell me all about my plants!) ha.

Cameron said...

You're making my head spin with so many blooms! I keep scrolling up and down and up and down the page to see everything....several times!


That little kit nibbling pulmonaria -- guess his momma hasn't told him it's not good for him.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Cameron, You have made my day! :-) Thank you.

Isn't that little kit cute? We haven't seen them since, however.

Anonymous said...

Is everything in bloom in your yard? It looks incredible. The heat is beating our yard, hopefully we'll get some relief soon.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed looking at the video in the previous post, and seeing all your lovely blooms for GBBD.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Sue - I haven't been visiting (anyone) much lately!! I'm glad you made it over here. :-)