Sunday, June 13, 2010

Violets and Tricyrtis - Oh, My!

Our Garden Tour was rained out today . . .

We'll try again.

Hardy Little Miss Susan Scare-the-Birds was out there in the elements. Believe me, I tried to offer retirement, but she thought that with a little new makeup, a new dress and shirt, she could make another "go at it!" So there she is, out there in the storm.

Do you see the river that flows through raised beds and especially through the Woodland Walk?

Can you imagine I was at loose ends?
Can you imagine I was feeling a little melancholy?

But guess what! I was able to give a mini-tour to a special guest!
Let me explain . . .

Two years ago, before he stopped blogging, I visited "Iowa Boy," who gave me a wonderful tour of his gardens. He was very generous and shared a few plants. When I found I was going to be on this year's Garden Tour, I wrote and asked if he and his wife would like to visit. At the time, he didn't think he'd be able to make the trip. However, there was a break in the weather (meaning the sun "came out" for about two hours before it rained again). And guess who rang the doorbell?

Yep! "Iowa Boy!" Mr. Shady enjoyed visiting a bit about prairies. But I was very happy to let him wander around through the gardens about which you read. :-)

Again, he shared a couple of plants with me:

Tricyrtis formosa 'Autumn Glow'

and a Korean Violet 'Syletta'

This is an unnamed violet he shared with me in 2008.
Do you see its first offspring?

Believe it or not, I was able to share a couple of my plants with him! He took home a baby Dwarf Aruncus - Goatsbeard and a Dwarf Astilbe 'Pumila.' :-)

This improved my outlook considerably and Made My Day! I know of the superstition that says you're not to thank a person for the gift of plants. So, I'll just say "Thanks!" to Iowa Boy for his visit and his generous nature.

We'll try having that Garden tour next Sunday, June 20. I hope it works out!! After all, the sun still shines - above the clouds! ;-)

Have a great week!


The Garden Ms. S said...

What a nice visit! I'm sure next weekend will be fantastic. :)

IBOY said...


Well, I was quite impressed by your lovely shade garden and just the general peacefulness of your spot... very nice. The little Aruncus and astilbe 'Pamela' already have been tucked into our garden. I think the mystery violet is 'Mars'. It rarely blooms but gets as big as a small hosta with really neat reddish-patterned foliage. The reddish color seems to vary from plant to plant, so hopefully yours turns out nice (if not, there is always shovel pruning). The Autumn Glow tricyrtis looks pretty unimpressive as a single small plant, but give it time; it will form a large clump of waxy foliage with dark green centers and bright yellow edges, that holds its variegation all year (the spotted flowers are a bonus). Now you need a Japanese jack in the pulpit, Pinellia 'Polly Spout' (like a giant jack in the pulpit that blooms most of the summer), Primula vulgaris sibthorpii, some trilliums, some wood anemones... oh yeah, you'll need to dig up some more of your woods, too
:o) Iowa Boy

PatioPatch said...

What a downpour - sorry it almost rained off your garden tour but how grateful your woodlanders will be. Lovely to have had a surprise vist from 'Iowa Boy' and do a plant swap. Might just have to pop over myself - you have a range of plants I'd love

Laura x

LC said...

I can't believe the rain you guys are getting the last couple of years... we have family who have refused to leave home for fear of flooded basements even with backups for their sump pump backups!! We had a dose of this a couple years ago with 14" of rain in less than two weeks... it was exhausting... opening ditches, pumping out the basement at all hours and the like... but the astilbes were "to die for"!!!! Larry

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Garden Ms. S, Thank you for those nice encouraging words! My fingers are definitely crossed. :-)

Iowa Boy, What a fun time I had "visiting plants" with you! I have to tell you that I have referred to that little astilbe incorrectly. I read Pamila when it's actually 'Pumila.' If you look it up, all the references describe her growing habits to a "t." Besides, YOU will enjoy reading her pedigree! :-)

I look forward to watching 'Autumn Glow' tricyrtis! I've noticed that the gilt edge of 'Gilt Edge' is often barely discernible.
You indeed are generous. We'll see each other again before long, I think! Absolutely, a trip to the woods is also necessary. I forgot to point out my 4-leafed, 4 petaled trillium! ha.

Hope Liz feels better! Did you visit family before heading home?

Patio Patch - Laura, Hello! You are welcome to head over here anytime. Great Britain has many plants that we would also love to have here! Could you smuggle a couple?? ha.

LC, Weather conditions are unusual everywhere, I think. I'd say, despite (or due to?) the rain, everything Looks Wonderfully lush in the gardens. I understand what you mean about your astilbes. I'm in agreement with those, the ferns, hostas, etc. :-)

Now flooding is another issue. Not good. The run-off issues are quite a concern, here. We've not had basement worries, but our neighbors have. We've dug ditches and reinforced areas with rock, etc.

Northern Shade said...

Those are nice new additions to your garden. I missed when Iowa Boy stooped blogging at An Iowa Garden. He is very knowledgeable about so many plants, and his posts were fun to read. How fun that you got to visit (and exchange plants).

jo©o said...

Hiya Shady,

Good. You've gone green again.
And you might even have given your visitor a renewed interest in blogging. Hopefully. I liked his style and his woodland paths.

No bloomday post from you this month? I was looking out for it.

Kate said...

Hi, Shady!
That baby fox in your header is quite the cutie pie! And, I loved the rainy video. Looking forward to more sunshine and another garden tour. :)

Shady Gardener said...

Northern, I feel exactly the way you are feeling about Iowa Boy's blog. :-) He's keeping very busy, though.

Hi Jo, I understand how you feel. No Bloomday post Sunday. Couldn't do it. ;-) Perhaps late??

Kate! Isn't he cute. If nothing else, I'll make a little tour here... (!)