Sunday, July 10, 2016

Follow the Leader!

Rain Lilies -  Zephyranthes

 Here, Rain Lilies are treated as annuals.  They are considered perennials in zones 8-10.  The bulbs can be planted directly into the soil, necessitating digging before frost in the fall.

I plant them in somewhat shallow pots, overwinter indoors.  I allow them to go dormant in our basement storage area.  I usually do not water them in the spring, when I bring the pot outdoors.  But if it doesn't rain before too long, I water them.

This year it took quite awhile for these lilies to begin growing.  I am sure I need to divide the bulbs this fall!  They are very crowded.  Last week, one bud began to lead the way.

(I apologize for the dirty birdbath!)
 I enjoyed watching the bud open. (Clean birdbath!)
 I took a photo about every 15 - 20 minutes.

 (Birdbaths don't remain clean for long!)
 Down there in the pot... the rest of the buds seem to have taken notice!
 Yep!  Here they come!!

We just had an inch of rain... flower #one seems "exhausted!"  (Follow the Leader, continues!)

Looky here!  Success!
Yes, they're beautiful!
 Aren't they?

I admit to watering from time-to-time... but rainwater is preferable!!  They are very easy to grow!
You might enjoy owning a few of these!
Have a great day!


Sophie said...

I wish I could have rain lilies as perennials but my home hails from the northern frozen wasteland. Glad your lazy lily survived!

Shady Gardener said...

Sophie, You have to know that these do not stay outdoors in the cold winter months! :-)