Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mr. Shady's Beautiful Prairie; As It Looks Today!

I believe we've had this piece of ground for at least 20 years.  And over the years, he has worked on the prairie side planting grasses, forb seeds (forb is a word that stands for herbaceous plants other than grasses, sedges, etc.) and food plots for wild animals (deer, wild turkey, quail, pheasant, etc.) which makes for good habitat for songbirds as well as other wild animals.

We took a little trip out there today.  Here are some of my favorite photos!

The area below primarily contained gray-headed cone flower.

Here we have the gray-headed cone flower with Tick Trefoil

A close-up of Iron Weed.

And a closer look at Iron Weed flower brachts.

A beautiful sunny day... looking "up!"

Isn't this pretty?

 Gray headed Coneflower with Monarda and a few Purple Coneflower

Cream Gentian

 Partridge Pea

 Purple Cone flower with Pearl Crescent butterfly


Eastern-tailed Blue butterfly

a Load of Partridge Pea!

Bumble Bee on Purple Cone flower with Daisy Fleabane in the background

 Northern Checkerspot on Queen Anne's Lace (non native)

Tall Bellflower - Capanula americana

A nice day was had by "all!"  (Beautiful day, very humid with a wonderful breeze!)

Have a great week!


troutbirder said...

Absolutely gorgeous! How I wish I had more sunny space for my own prairie restoration ...

Shady Gardener said...

Troutbirder, You would do a wonderful job at such an endeavor!!!