Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It Might Be Heaven, But Are We Sure It's Iowa??

March 20, 2016
My friends, I am having a tough time with our gorgeous weather!  Plants are growing, crocus are blooming and daffodil buds are getting ready!!  Daylilies have begun to grow, etc.

All this is to say... because the plant growth is SO far ahead of normal (Plants wouldn't normally be growing at this rate and I wouldn't be raking yet - not until mid-April!!), I feel "Way Behind" before it's really time to start!!

I raked three tarp-loads yesterday... it was beautifully warm!  We received rain today, and the forecast shows more rain in store tonight.  Tomorrow through Friday's forecasts show a reprieve from rain.  It might be soggy, but I know I'll be out raking again!!

July 5, 2016
Yes... it's been a few months!  But I began this post and I was determined to finish it - before doing another!   Yes.  All the leaves were finally raked and taken away.  Even Mr. Shady pitched in, and was I happy about that!!!

Have a great day.  I hope your weather is perfect, all is well and you are enjoying your gardens!!!

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