Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Twas the 17th of December, and All Through The House..

'Twas the 17th of December
and All through the House,
Not a Creature was stirring,
not even the Spouse!

The House was all festive
with tinsel and cheer,
In hopes that the "cold bugs"
would leave and stay clear.

We'd taken our cough syrup
and bundled in bed,
While visions of tissues
wound round in our heads.

The next morning arrived
before I'd expected,
The pleasure I witnessed ...
my cold? Undetected!

gave a notice at
the lump still in bed,
whose blankets were wound
clear round his head.

My goodness!
Good gracious!
and Me!

Do you think it's quite possible...
Could it honestly be
that my cold's about gone,
but had settled on "he?"

drew on my robe,
slipped into my slippers
and wove my way down the hall
towards the paper and scissors.

As the wrapping and taping
and bows had begun
I knew it'd be soon
that we'd all have some fun.

Meanwhile 'His Coldness'
came into sight
with redness of eyes, nose
and sore throat -- no delight.

With tissues and jammies,
and my mess all about,
Don't 'cha know it's the memories
that Christmas's about?

First we'll top off these germs,
and Fight this old cold,
So we can spread the good word
of the Good News of old!

Then you'll hear us exclaim
and you'll hear a wee shout,
as we all look towards Christmas
--- family and friends 'round about!

by Yours truly, with apologies to Clement C. Moore)
Thank you for your tolerance! ;-)


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Very jovial and amusing poem! I've successfully kept a cold at bay by sleeping inordinate amounts of time, which is a luxury I can enjoy because I'm self-unemployed! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Gail said...

Glad you are up and about again! Sorry the spouse is sick~~But, we did get a very clever Twas....rendition from your cold. Take care and keep warm. When you get a chance I sent you an email to your yahoo account. Gosh I hope it was you! gail!

bobbie said...

Your poem is delightful. I'm so glad you feel better enough to have written it. Hope Hubbie soon feels better too.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Being sick at Christmastime is no fun, but you've made it sound a bit less painful. Nothing's worse than looking like Rudolph in those Christmas photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor boo boo bear! But I am glad you managed that transfer. Tell all, how did you do it? Spells, burning herbs, conjuring spirits? Good luck? I do hope His Coldness can give that bug the bump off too. This was wonderful. :-)

azplantlady said...

I love your version! I do hope your spouse feels better soon, before Christmas.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What a cute post! I'm glad the cold left you and hope your husband feels better soon. We had that darn cold here and the only person who didn't catch it was my husband.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Hope everyone gets well before the big day.

Rosemary said...

Terrific poem!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Monica, If you can't do anything else, you might as well make light of a situation! ;-) Do you have special Christmas Holiday plans??

Hi Gail! Just had a little fun! :-) I just found your e-mail! Thank you for alerting me... I don't seem to check that mailbox as often as I used to.

Hi Bobbie, Mr. Shady just shook his head and grinned when I read him this poem. ha.

Hi, MMD. I'm truly almost over my cold. It's lasted WAY too long. If Mr. S continues to take it easy, he'll probably be rid of his much more quickly! (You're right, though!) :-)

Frances, He thinks I'm a little bit daffy, I think. But I did have some fun at his (and my own) expense. lol.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Noelle, Thanks! Yes, he'll probably be feeling better soon. (He's not quite as bad as I depicted!) ha.

Catherine, That's usually the way! ha!

Chad and Brandy, I think we have pretty good timing, actually! ;-)

Hi Rosemary - Thanks!! :-)

Hope everyone's having a great time getting ready for Christmas and all that goes into it at your house! :-)

Rose said...

I love poem parodies, Shady! This one is great. I do hope both of you are feeling better by now; those nasty germs always seem to be floating around at Christmas time.

Lol, the word verification is "sionses" which I read at first as "sinuses."

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Rose! I love it when the Word verification actually almost fits! :-) Thanks for the compliment. Yes - at least I'm feeling normal again. Mr. S? I'll see how he feels tonight. He's been outdoors all day!