Monday, July 23, 2007

Ahhh, back in the Shade!

Today was quite the fun day. I began the day by using my wheelbarrow. I'm making a "log dam" at the end of the bed below. You can see that the job is yet unfinished. I ended the afternoon by visiting all my "friends" in the shady backyard. Everyone is growing, new blooms blooming, etc. This being the 3rd growing season for many plants, they're maturing and how grand is that!
Please feel free to click on any of the photos. You'll find more than what I'm describing.

Here are a few photos. The photo above shows the extreme north bed on the east side of the house. The bush closest to the camera is called a "Dappled Willow." You may note a Bleeding Heart to its right. There's a sign that says "A Kiss of the Sun for pardon, the Songs of the Birds for mirth. One is closer to God in a garden, than anywhere else on Earth." I believe it.
Just beyond that are two Japanese Painted Ferns. This is their second year. I'm hoping they're happy.

Photo one below shows a closer view of one of them. Way at the end of the bed in the first photo above, you might be able to see Sum and Substance hosta. The second photo below shows a close-up of Sum and Substance, now in bloom.

I am standing at various points on the east of the house as I take these next photos. Photo one shows the north side of the "big bed." Photo two shows the center part. (Note the same "Revolution" hosta appears on the right foreground of photo one and on the left foreground of photo two.) In photo three, I was standing at the southeast side of the house, looking at the south end of the "big bed," but looking at a slight bit northerly angle.

This photo looks at the east side of the "big bed." There's a little walkway between the two parts of this bed. Beyond the hosta in the foreground you'll note two different Pulmonaria (lungwort), and the Tenryu hosta.

Last, but not least... here's a photo of another robin nest! On top of the wren's house! Looks like they've both been quite busy nesting. My photo's a little "jiggly," but I think there were 4 babies being fed today!

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