Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's been a little dry

It's been dry for the past few weeks. So, I watered again. I'm hoping it might rain a bit tonight. I'm operating on the theory that if you wash your car, it'll rain. So perhaps if I water everything in sight, it'll rain. We'll see.

I'm planning to stick pretty close to home for awhile. I miss being more relaxed about working outdoors (i.e., when it needs it, when I want to, etc.) I must paint the shed in the backyard. It needs it. I'm going to add some "funky" trim colors. You'll see it when I'm finished.

I was with my parents last week for a few days. We had a fun visit. We walked through a park that my dad worked in often when he was an active member of the Men's Garden Club. This photo shows where my mom, my aunt, my dad and I crossed a creek, instead of returning by way of the trail we'd just traveled. That added a bit of excitement to the day!After the near-impasse, we continued on the trail. Looking down, Aunt MEA noticed a shoe. We don't know the story behind this lost shoe, but I'm sure I could come up with one!

(This is not my photo.) I purchased a "Strawberry Candy" daylily and planted it right after I got home! I was so excited to find one at a local nursery near my parents' home! I'd tried growing a bare-root baby from a gardening catalog 3 Springs ago. It didn't grow. They replaced it the next Spring, but that one didn't grow, either. I gave up.

However, both bare-root "Custard Candy"plants grew. And they're blooming like crazy this year. They're even extra-sturdy plants. You can sure tell I'm not in control! (Again, this is not my photo.)

Strawberry Candy now resides in the raised bed garden (which is "coming together." Just a few more plans, plants and renovations; then it'll be time to work a bit more in the rest of the yard... back in the shade.


Dellits said...

Where is the person that goes with that shoe???!

Shady Gardener said...

I think it's the "Old Lady" that couldn't take it anymore! ;-)