Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What is THIS doing HERE?

Do you remember the photo of the Robin's nest atop the wren house? Yesterday I walked 'round the house , and what did I spy but the Robin's nest... on the ground! (see below)
I was distraught because I didn't think the babies had looked old enough to leave the nest, and I couldn't imagine what might have caused the nest to fall.

This morning, however, as I was working in the backyard, I was surprised to see a baby robin hop out from under a hosta leaf. All I had in my hand was a shovel... and they don't take pictures, so I thought I was "out of luck." But I was at least relieved to have spotted one of the babies alive!

Later, as I was eating lunch in the dining room, I spotted an adult robin struggling with a worm. As I watched, it hopped to its baby next to the tree (photo to the left). You'll definitely have to click on the photo if you want to try to find the little fellow!

I grabbed my camera and headed out the downstairs doorway.

With my little 3x magnification, the next photo is what I was able to capture from the backyard bench. Obviously I wanted to be closer, but "Mama" was concerned.

She wasn't alarmed however, so I crept a bit nearer the baby. You may see him below (he's the little speck to the left of the tree). One more photo... and this is as "good as it gets." Without scaring the baby OR the mother, I retreated. Please click on the photo to get a better view of the baby.

Oh! That's not the end of my saga. As I made preparation to sit on the backyard bench (I had eyes only for the baby robin at the time), someone narrowly avoided my foot! (I jumped and he sped away as fast as his body could angle and dart!)

I don't know who was more surprised - but SOME people have their eyes open when they walk in the shade. But not me. I missed an opportunity to photograph a big, fat garter snake!

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