Sunday, July 15, 2007

A cute new hosta

(An aside... we received .3" of rain last night. I'm so glad I took time to water yesterday!)

Here's a cute miniature hosta that was given me by my Aunt MEA! It's called Baby Tears.

Here's the other Golden Tiara (Aunt MEA) in bloom.

Speaking of blooms, do most of your hosta blooms appear on the sides of the scape? Notice the examples below:

However, check out the blooms on Praying Hands! They're "whorled."

Speaking of things in a flower garden! Look at what I found in my front yard Sunday afternoon! Wonder if anyone else spotted them??

I must admit that they're my husband's decoys. Sorry.

I guess I have a few random birds in the beds, too... ;-)


Dellits said...

Those hostas are neat...I think I'm going to put a big flower/plant garden in this fall...The praying hands one I've never seen...What kind is the one above it...the one with the lime green center? I've never seen that one, either!

Shady Gardener said...

I love that you're one of my regular viewers... and I love your comments!

The "lime green" one is called "City Lights." There are wonderful hostas out there... have fun!! (Wish I could help you!)