Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Visit to the Prairie

We revisited the prairie tonight. Here's an update on the changes in scenery:
The gray headed coneflower is blooming profusely, as is the purple coneflower.

There's a little monarda (bee balm) here and there...As well as a great collection of "this and that!" You'll again see black-eyed daisies, and some blackberries! Something for everyone.

And this was the sight we beheld as we were readying to leave...

This was definitely worth staying for! Even if I did end up finding a total of 9 wood ticks climbing outside (and inside!) my clothing. Nothing shady about ticks... just very sneaky.


Rurality said...

Very nice! We have a vacant field that I wish looked like that.

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks! :-)

It could happen for you, too. There have been a few years of seed planting, as well as adding a few plants from time-to-time.