Monday, November 3, 2008

Summer 2008 Inspiration - November Posting!

(I couldn't limit myself to naming ONE gardener or garden blogger!
So this is how I resolved my "problem.")

Here is my Summer 2008 Inspiration - November Post
(tuberoses from Mom)
There are a number of local gardeners and gardening friends that I can thank for inspiration this summer: A few neighbors, my "LLGC" - a little garden club contrived of friends from school,
Dorothy, a super-gardener friend who began a local community Garden Tour a number of years ago, some terrific greenhouse/nurseries, and my parents and my Aunt MEA who always give me wonderful items from their gardens (i.e., wild ginger, hostas, tuberoses, etc.! :-)

I visit, and try as best I can, to follow some favorite (You!) garden bloggers who have given me MUCH to think about, many ideas to dream about and many plants and bulbs for my "wish lists." By mid- to late-Winter, I'd already placed a couple of orders for Spring planting, and by mid- summer I'd already placed a couple of orders for Fall bulb planting. (!)

Below is what I was inspired to plant, and you'll recognize yourself here if you find something listed that you've posted and/or raved about!! Thank you so much, and we'll see what happens during Spring 2009! ;-) (Follow the links for added information about my plantings)

Spring 2008:

(Tricyrtis hirta)
Tricyrtis!* It really increased my Toad Lily population when I added: 'Seiryu,' 'Gilt Edge,' 'Shining Light,' 'Blue Wonder,' 'Tricyrtis Hirta,' (I'd also ordered 'Amethystina' but the nursery was out of stock so they substituted the ill-fated 'Matzukaze,' as you can see here.)

Hardy Cyclamen: I planted 4 'Cyclamen neapolitanum' bulbs and they bloomed in September!

Helleborus: I added 'Brushstrokes' to my woodland corner. (This is now my second variety.)
(this photo was taken last week - forgive the snakey-looking water tube)
Corydalis: 'Berry Exciting' is growing in the flower bed right in front of the house. It did very well this year, and I have high hopes for next Spring!

Tiaralla: I added 'Pink Skyrocket' due to the exclamations of a certain female garden blogger! :-)
('Adonis Blue' Buddelia davidii adokeep)
Buddleia: I'd wanted to purchase a butterfly bush for a looooong time! Since we'd cut a couple of trees in the front yard, I'd determined there was enough sunshine to "get by." So, I planted 'Adonis Blue' in the Front Corner garden! :-)

Mukdenia: ? Did anyone recommend this? I planted 'Crimson Fans' and hope it does well!!!

*****A couple of the nurseries I'd ordered from gave me free plants (!) which included a 'Strawberry Candy' Daylily (which I already had, so I gave it to my mom!), and 'Dryopteris marginalis' !

Fall 2008 Again, I thank, thank you for your posts and recommendations!

(Looking towards Spring 2009, these are a couple of Spring 2008 photos!)

: Reading raves, recommendations, and reviews, I found a nest for Ligularia 'Britt Marie Crawford.' And if mine does half as well as described in the link I provided, I'll be happy!!
Snowdrops: 'Galanthus woronowii' - I provide this link because this particular gardener not only gives a lot of information about the species, but also about its growth habit!

Fritillaria: 'lutea Maxima' and 'rubra Maxima' - I've planted some of these large, supposedly mole-diverting bulbs before, but I'm going to do it again - Thanks to some of you! :-)

---- and fritillaria 'meleagris' :-) Just because I really want to see what they look like!

Grape Hyacinth: Azure, Pink, and Valerie Finnis

Hydrangea: Yes, you read it here! Please don't take this personally, but I've tended to avoid hydrangeas, due to the fact that "everyone" grows the pink/blue variety. But there are others out there... thanks to some of you who have posted, etc! So, I found a nice fall sale on a couple of small plants (hopefully they grow!)
---- I planted 'Quickfire' and paniculata 'Pinky Winky.'

Allium: 'Hair' appealed to me, so I planted it between my asters and monarda! ;-)

Red Firecrackers: 'Dichelostemma Ida-Maia' looked like fun.

Wood Hyacinths: 'Scilla Siberica' or Pink Scilla

Indian Hyacinth: 'Camassia quamash'

Tulips: Yes, I'm going to try a couple... 'Menton' (Someone I know is smiling), and 'Peony Blue Spectacle.' I've threatened to cover the areas with wire mesh, but I'm getting lazy.

I planted no daffodils this year. I'm amazed at myself. I did plant quite a few last Fall... we'll check around this coming Spring for "holes."

*FYI: The first winter after we moved here, I pored over shade gardening articles and books. My favorite little book is "Taylor's 50 Best Perennials for Shade," produced by Storey Communications, Inc., VT. copyright 1999 by Houghton Mifflin Co. This book was very eye-opening as to the numbers of species of plants that thrive in shade!

Have A Wonderful time planning your "wish list" and garden details for next Spring!
:-) SG


kate smudges said...

You had lots of inspiration and wow! - what a lovely choice of new perennials you've added (along with bulbs too).

I suspect that the Anemones would over-winter there. They are a lovely addition to the spring garden.

Hope you're getting the leaf raking done!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice overview and inspiration shared. Loved those tuberoses!/Deb

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kate, It's hard, is it not, to NOT be inspired when you visit other people's gardening blogs? (Yours included!) :-) Thanks for the visit.

Deb, The tuberoses are fun and easy, as I just potted them and set them out. They are also fragrant! You would like them!
Now they're indoors and beginning to fade (however, there's one that may provide a surprise soon!) Before long they'll be in a corner of the basement, waiting for Spring. ;-)

Northern Shade said...

I love this post, looking at our garden influences. Everybody's garden is a unique creation, yet woven through it are memories and hints of where we've been, our family and friends, and beautiful gardens we've seen. When you read about other garden bloggers' favourite plants, the enthusiasm is irresistible.

Shady Gardener said...

Northern Shade, I appreciate your comments, as that's exactly how I feel about gardening. :-) Do you have a post you'd like to create for Summer Inspiration, November 2008?