Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Happened? What is This?

Snowy Sunday!I'm also participating in Nancy Bond's First Snowfall Meme at Soliloquy
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My prayers for safe transport for those Near and Dear that traveled,
and snow after Thanksgiving were answered.
Did you see yesterday's post... how beautifully clean was the yard?
And then, what did I say?

Please Snow

Yipppeee! I woke up this morning to this!!!!!
You may click on the photos, some enlarge more than others.

This is the bed that houses 'David' phlox, a few hosta,
my new hardy cyclamen. Beyond it are the raised beds.
Let's go for a walk around the house!

We're standing in front of what's left of 'David.'
Do you remember that poor little Balloon Flower
that cried for a little more light?
I moved her, but she was never the same. Perhaps she'll do better in 2009!

Purple Coneflower seed heads are wearing their Winter Finery!
Oh, boy! I wanted to chop this fellow down all day, yesterday!
Now I'll have to wait awhile.
Who plants a pine Right next to the house?
In front of a window?

Our friendly squirrel-folks were out before I was!

A view of the backyard woods. :-)

This is the view behind the little screen...

...and this is the view from the front.
A burning bush near the garage.

This little view shows trembling water droplets.
It's above freezing, so the snow may not stay too very long.
Today's snowfall has ranged from large, feathery snowflakes to the thick dusting of dandruff that's falling right now.

And now, if there are any leaves on the ground... they're lurking under the snow!



GardenJoy4Me said...

Shady .. this was a really pretty post to read and appreciate those pictures with ! .. we are snow free for the moment .. but I know it will be back ..
You made me laugh about the tree planted in front of the window : ) That would be something I would do too ! haha

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Everything looks so pretty with a dusting of snow. We haven't had our first snow yet. Maybe soon.

flydragon said...

What a transformation a bit of clinging snow makes!! Magical.

Gail said...


I love the first snow fall and always hope it is the last; I know, I am a spoil sport!

Your photos are lovely and the last one looks like your hand painted the seeds!


Naturegirl said...

Shady be careful what you wish for!!
Lovely snow photos! We had our first snow a few ago..and as I type it is again!!

Shady Gardener said...

GardenJoy4Me, I'm so glad you visited. It looks as though you'll be getting snow soon. I love watching snow fall!!

Hi Lisa, I had to head right outdoors (in my jammies and coat) to take photos this morning! ha.

flydragon, It's amazing, isn't it? Total transformation! :-)

Hi Gail, If you look closely, you'll see images of branches in the water droplets... I like snow when it's off the roads (esp. ice).

Naturegirl, I'll be over to check out your snow. :-)

Frances said...

Hi Shady, how wonderful that you got your wish! It does turn the winter garden into a winter wonderland. I do see the reflections in the droplets on the berries, thanks for pointing it out!


Shady Gardener said...

Hi Frances, I only hope the roads aren't slippery. If only it would snow (and get icy) off the roads and not on them! We received snow off and on all day yesterday, as well as into the night. It's very pretty out there!

Anonymous said...

Pretty, but be careful what you wish for! Looks like a Norway Spruce (not pine). Your photos are great and really capture the feel of that first snow. /Deb

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Deb, If you'd have caught me taking photos early Sunday a.m., you'd may have wondered about me! (I exited the house in my jammies, winter coat and boots!)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

You got a nice snow, but we got more of it. I can't even see my Burning Bush's branches. Your woods look so wonderfully wintery.

Kathleen said...

Oh pretty Shady Gardener! I love snow pictures, just not the actual stuff. My favorite is the one with snow on the pumpkins! Stay warm!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi MMD! I did hear you received more snow than we... that's okay. ;-) Hope you show some photos. To not see BB's branches would be Some Snow!
The woods are beautiful aren't they? I should pick "Stopping by a Snowy Woods" for my poem, but I did that last year. ha.

Kathleen, I couldn't resist taking that photo! I really love sitting in front of a window with a cup of hot chai or tea, turning on Christmas music, and just watching the snow fall! (Now, if it would only fall on the roadsides and not on the roads...!) ;-)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Even just a very light sprinkling of snow makes the garden looks so much better. Thanks for sharing your lovely snow pics. In my garden the snow is long gone.

BTW found you via Nancy's First Snowfall Meme.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Yolanda Elizabet, Thanks for visiting. :-) The snow is now covering my lawn, and if there are any leaves hiding there, so-be-it! ha. I'll have to visit you!

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Hi SG, I enjoyed your Garden Bloggers Bloom and Muse posts! I wish I had snow now, after seeing it, it looks so inviting. I think it would help it seem more like Christmastime around here too! I love that one photo with the little squirrel footprints. So perfectly engraved into the snow. Very sweet:) Jan

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks, I really like snow... esp when it's falling! And I think Christmas seems more "official" with snow. :-) (I couldn't resist those footprints!)