Monday, March 29, 2010

ABC Wednesday - J-ust In Case You Wondered...

I'm a week behind with my "J" post.

Just in case you've wondered.
Just in case you've cared...

While my computer was visiting his doctor,
I spent my time raking flower beds!

The first step was to rake most of the leaves off the beds last week ...

... leaving piles of leaves all around the bed edges.
I've finished raking, shredding and hauling about 1/2 the leaves so far.
I'll share the progress later)

Just in case you've wondered.
Just in case you have time to spare,

You can tell the progress I'm making

But you're invited to help, should you dare...


Just in case you're curious,
Just in case you've wondered,

These are some early Springtime sights

You'll see in "Shady's Gardens!"

Photos taken today and yesterday.


'Jack Frost' Brunnera

'Brushstrokes' Hellebore
(Much to my chagrin, this blossom had been pinched from its stem and was lying on the ground today... squirrel?)

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Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Yes, I'd blame the squirrels. They do that to my Hellebores too, so now I've started spraying the stems with critter repellent before the blooms open. So far, so good.

Shady Gardener said...

Thank you, thank you, MMD! I was going to try to get to your site today to see what you thought about this!!

Grace Peterson said...

Hi SG~~ Well, of course we care! :) I hope your computer is in tip top order again. I rue the day mine takes a nose dive into the blue screen of death. Shiver.

Your garden is coming along nicely. Love the daffs, crocus and hellebore. It looks like you caught it in time for a nice indoor bouquet.

Little Jack Frost, isn't he a cutie pie? My little guy is at about the same stage...happy to stretch out and embrace spring, just like you and me! Cheers.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Grace! Isn't it wonderful? It's been so warm and sunny and beautiful outdoors these past few days!! I cannot believe this is the first day of April!