Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making Up For Lost Time? Or Not??

Oh dear! I'd forgotten what I was wearing this early evening when I'd asked my neighbor to take a photo! ha!! Oh well, I'm celebrating because I achieved a goal today of raking, shredding and hauling to the ravine in the "way back," the rest of the leaves I'd wanted to finish today.

So far, the front yard is finished (except for an out-of-the-way pile I can get later), the south side of the house is nearly finished, the Woodland Walk is finished, the backyard beds and the yard in-between is finished, and now the bed next to my neighbor's shed is finished!! Hurrah!

Oh yes, there's still quite a bit more to do... but it will wait until next week when we return from visiting our daughter, terrific son-in-law, and our two wonderful grandchildren! ;-)

If I didn't have this shredder, I couldn't live here.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

Happy Easter, Friends and Family!

These are better photos of 'Raspberry Splash' pulmonaria,
shown on Monday's post.

Have a wonderful weekend.
(Oh, Happy Spring....!)


troutbirder said...

What a gorgeous plant. I love it. And all the spring "emergers."

Jim Groble said...

Great pics and post. Our brunerra hasn't shown itself yet. My ligularia is coming up! jim

Sylvana said...

You accessorized your outfit grandly with that grin :)

jo©o said...

What a fantastic insight into your shady yard. What a task. You must be so proud of yourself. Good upper-body workout :-)
It is a great year for Pulmonaria.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great post! I especially like your gardening attire! :)

Noelle said...

Isn't that the best feeling of all to have gotten so much cleaned up in the garden? I love your gardening garb....some of mine look somewhat similar. I do hope that you have a wonderful trip.

Dave said...

Lots and lots of compost! I wish we had a few more of those leaves around here.

Gail said...

Shady, You look beautiful and happy~~just as a gardener ought to. You did a lot of hard work...I have been eying a shredder and wondering if they are worth the investment. Hmm...we have so many leaves....gail

Val said...

I love your polmonaria (spelling?) Do you happen to know of any of these plants that bloom a little later. I want to grow these but I don't get up to my garden until May. You must be the only gardener that I have seen that has as much shade as me.

Shady Gardener said...

troutbirder, Thanks for your visit. it is a beauty, isn't it? As far as visiting... I have yet to do any since my computer's return... getting WAY behind. Sorry!

Isn't that funny? My Brunnera is just now beginning to grow, but I haven't peered into my lone 'the Rocket' yet. My little greenhouses have just now begun to show results... just a couple of teeny plants here and there. :-)

Hi Sylvana, ::-))

Joco, You are absolutely right! I'm looking forward to our little weekend "recess." lol The rest of my P plants are beginning to look pretty happy.

Hi Rebecca, Just call me "fashion un-conscious!" ha.

Noelle, Absolutely. I was exhausted last night, but so happy! :-) A tour around the yard this morning shows a bit of work yet to do. (Mind you, I've not done the yard, yet, either!) ha.

Dave, Some of this is great for compost, but Oak leaves aren't really the best. They compost very slowly when compared to leaves of other trees.

Hi Gail! You nailed it on the head - happy! ;-) I love my shredder. I absolutely would NOT be able to live here without it. It cuts the number of tarp loads by one quarter!! Are you going to the Fling (silly question)? I will not... not that I wouldn't love to, just unable.

Hi Val, Most of my pulmonaria are just now growing. The won't be blooming for a bit. Once they begin blooming, they retain their blossoms for quite awhile.

I just perused last year's photos. Most of the pulmonaria were looking wonderful at the very end of April (around the 27-28-29). As I said, they retain their blossoms... Hope that helps.

I'm in zone 4/5.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I adore the 'Raspberry Splash' pulmonaria! Mine (regular ones) are blooming, too. LOVE that shredder! I use my mower to mulch leaves but would love a shredder for all the twigs and whatnot, though for me they're too pricey, even used. AH, well. Happy Easter!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Monica, My shredder is not good for the twigs, as the internal "drive" is just thick plastic "whips." They do make a model for shredding sticks and twigs... it is tempting... but, I don't know if I could justify it.

Are you seeing Virginia Bluebells, yet?