Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Thumb Sunday - March 7, 2010

I do have things getting ready to bloom.
However, I want to first introduce a couple of new plants.

Mr. Spathiphyllum
More commonly known as Peace Lily,
and much easier to pronounce,
has come to reside at chez Shady!

This was a pass-along gift, that I was happy to accept. You might notice that he's trying to make peace with the blooming lot behind him, as well as camouflage a speaker.

Diminutive Miss Saxifraga sarmentosa (S. stolonifera). Saxifragaceae
does NOT own a diminutive moniker!
Otherwise known as Strawberry Begonia,
she also has come to reside here.

Pretty cute!
Just waiting for those sweet babies.
(Yes, I realize it's time to be rid of the Christmas runner!)

Miss Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Kalanchoe blossoms continue and increase in number.

Miss Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)
has decided to grow new "arms" and buds!

Pardon the fuzzy photo, Mrs. Begonia was commanding attention.

That's it for today, I think. Have a great Green Thumb Sunday. Should you want to participate, you may still have time! Head over to As the Garden Grows to learn how to begin, if you haven't already done so. Just click the logo at the top of this post or on my sidebar.


Rosemary said...

Always nice to see what is blooming at your house. I noticed the snow is melting out side as well....

Anonymous said...

Hi SG~~ I love the strawberry begonia. The foliage reminds me of the hardy cyclamens in my garden.

Peace Lily is sure a nice, deep green plant.

Kate said...

Hi, Shady;
It appears our Moth Orchids are putzing along on the same timetable. I'm so anxious to see her bloom! We're growing the same color kalanchoe, too. :))

joey said...

Good stuff blooming, Shady! (Do you know it's still snowing at your house ... ours is, thankfully, melting now that the temps are 10º above normal)!

Gail said...

Hi Shady, Is it still snowing now? I am behind a few days so maybe spring has popped over and you are having fun snapping crocus buds. Nice house plants~btw, gail

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

You have some handsome plants.
The Kalanchoe has pretty flowers...when I see it elsewhere I always forget it's name. I'm not big on house plants but that one always catches my eye.

Rose said...

Lots of lovely indoor blooms, Shady! By the way, I still have a Christmas runner out, too:) I bet by this time today you may have some outdoor green starting to show up--I just looked at the temperature--it's 70 here today!

Shady Gardener said...

Rosemary, the snow is all gone as of this morning!! It was nearly gone when I returned home last night. The warm temps and last night's rain took care of it! ;-)

Hi Grace, New "buddies." ;-)

Kate, Orchids are rather new for me. This plant has now resided at my home nearly one year. It's fun to see the new growth spurts! (I even cut the long "arm" back above the beautiful new growth on the left.

Hi Joey, I may have to remove the snow from the blog, but it's been fun - hasn't it? ;-)

Gail, we've had a week or so of warm temps. No snowfall in sight at this time. All our snow is gone. I quickly walked 'round the house last night when I got home... I found a few interesting sights - but no bulbs far along enough to bloom, yet. :-)

Patsi, I have a couple of excellent "plant windows" in this home. The kalanchoe loved being outdoors (in bright shade) last summer, and has thrived indoors. I wasn't sure they bloomed indoors again, but obviously they do!! :-) (Easy to grow)

Rose, a week or so ago I remember thinking... "if Spring arrives, what will I do about it?" It has been solid Winter weather for a long time.