Friday, March 12, 2010

This is a Post for My Blogging Grandson!

This is a poem by Charles Ghigna
from the book entitled
Animal Trunk, Silly Poems to Read Aloud


Chickens peck.
Chickens peep.
Chickens cluck
In their sleep.

Chickens roost.
Chickens lay
Chicken eggs

Chickens live
In a coop.
Chickens hate
Chicken soup.

Love you! :-)


VW said...

Huh, I wonder when one of my children will start a blog. The school-age and preschool-aged ones already use the computer daily. I didn't use a computer until junior high school. Oh how the world changes!

Shady Gardener said...

VW, I know what you mean. My daughter is typing for him, but he tells her what to write. It is very cute.

I probably will begin another blog - just for the grandchildren to read and respond to. :-)

Gail said...

I read the poem out loud...a perfectly fun read~You'll have such a fun time with your blogging grandchildren~Congrats on Spring's crocus gift. gail

Anonymous said...

Hi SG~~ Cute poem. Can't really blame them for preferring to abstain from the soup. LOL

Isn't it time to remove the snowfall from your blog, girlfriend? [Chuckle] I think the consensus is we're all extremely tired of winter.

Have a great weekend.

Di said...

SG, how cute is that?!! I'll send this along so my 4 year old grandson can enjoy it.

Hope your week was a good one and that the weekend brings you many smiles. Diana

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

So Cute!! I'll read it to my little ones. :)

Kate said...

Very cute. What a fab idea, creating a special blog for your grandkids to read and respond to! Love that. Hope you're having a nice weekend. :)

La Tea Dah said...

Such beautiful garden posts! You always inspire me. I enjoy my visits here. Thank you!


Shady Gardener said...

Thank you everyone! I did begin a separate blog for my grandchildren last night. :-)

Grace! I have to tell you what I did. I wanted to keep the html code for next Winter, so I copied and pasted it onto a "new post" and dated it 2008. It continued to snow on the blog!! So, I cut and pasted as a word document and saved it to my desktop. Now, we're "good to go!" ;-)

You have to know, though, that we are not beyond receiving additional snowfall. When it happens, though, it doesn't stay long. It's just that we can still receive damaging freezing temperatures for quite awhile yet.

;-) Thanks for the reminder, however! I'm tired of snow, too!!

Shady Gardener said...

La Te Dah, Hello! I haven't seen you for some time! Glad you stopped in. Thanks for leaving the comment. :-)

bobbie said...

What a cute poem and picture. I think I'll pass it on to my grandson.
And I think I'll suggest to his mom that he might start a blog! What a great idea. Thanks.

catmint said...

Hi Shady, I adore the poem, my grandson is only 18 months, but I know he will love it read aloud. I'm going to try to buy the book. It sounds great fun. Cheers, catmint

Rosemary said...

Shady Your grandson's poem is so cute, love the last line made me smile..

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks, all! Catmint, the book is Very Cute. The illustrations are just as silly. ;-)