Monday, March 22, 2010

Enforced Vacation

Our local school system is celebrating
Spring Break!

Come to think of it, it seems as though I am as well. ha!

Just for the moment, I've temporarily been given the liberty to do everything else I should do instead of being on the internet. ;-)

My computer is participating in an exam at "Doctor's Office." It encountered some threatening messages Friday, and I just want everything to be okay.

(I just thought you might like to know why it's been so quiet over here lately.)

As an aside: We did have snow over the weekend. We didn't recieve as much as had been predicted, but it amounted to 1 1/2" or so. Beautifully white, but very temporary as the temperatures have now returned to 50 degrees F today! The snow is gone and I re-raked the flower beds today. Can you say BLISTERS? ha.

The leaves are standing in humongous piles and will be shredded and moved to the ravine before long (hopefully this week)! Would you be interested in participating in a great stretch, bend and haul excercise endeavor?? ;-)

(I'm on a computer at our local library!) Not much shadi-ness here!
Have a great day!!


Rosemary said...

Rain here no snow at the moment!
If I was closer I might just be over to help shred those leaves............ Nah! LOL

Jim Groble said...

Our spring break starts next week. I couldn't wait so I started on our first big project, new beds in the front yard. jim

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I hope your computer woes are solved quickly and without too much expense. Sounds like you had less snow than we did here. I don't know about you, but I've had enough snow for one year.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Shady, we got exactly the same amount of snow here in Alberta overnight - but not the melting -- yet! Why does spring tease us so?? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi SG~~ I hope your computer issues are quickly and painlessly resolved. Ditto for your blisters--ah the price of hard work. Glad the snow was just a brief stay. Have a great week.

Noelle said...

I do hope your computer comes back from the doctor soon. My back is sore for the digging I did yesterday, so I can imagine what your sore muscles feel like. At least without your computer, you have more time to enjoy being out in the garden :-)

joey said...

O happy Spring ... o happy day, Shady! Enjoy the break ... I insist :)

Cameron said...

Hope your computer is fixed shortly.

Enjoy the Spring Break (and maybe you'll get some good weather)!


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

We missed the snow, got a little rain instead, and today it's sunny again. This is by far the sunniest spring I ever recall! I think it's good to get offline for a while, whatever the reason. Sometimes all the blogging and social media-ing can get a bit overwhelming (at least for me).

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Shady - hope your computer and your blisters are both soon mended!

It's nice to finally have had some time to catch up with your posts - that poem for your grandson was so sweet! :)

kate smudges said...

Sorry to hear about your computer woes. I hope it gets fixed and you are back into cyberspace from home soon. It sounds as if you've got lots of garden tasks planned ~ happy spring. Hope that is the last that you see of snow there!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Enjoy your break, our kids are out in another week and counting down the days. Hope your computer is working soon!

Shady Gardener said...

Hello - my comments are being composed at the Public Library again... Actually, this is a nice way to check in. I can even check out a book! :-)

Rosemary, I nearly ran out for an extra rake! ha. ;-)

Jim, I'll be watching your progress as soon as my computer returns home again!!

MMD, My computer is in capable hands, so I hope things work out well... and soon. ;-) Yes, I'm tired of snow. I'm loving these warm temps!!

Garden Ms. S, I think the whole thing has to do with true appreciation of the season.

Hi Grace, Thanks!

Noelle, I think if I just keep working a bit at a time, those kinks will work out!

Joey and Cameron, You don't have to insist too hard... I'm really enjoying the outdoors these days!!

Monica, I understand completely!

Hi Liz, Hope things are going well your way.

Hi Kate, Perhaps we'll both be enjoying Spring soon. Thanks for your thoughts. Actually, I should be weaning from the computer a bit... this is a good thing, actually..

Hi Catherine, Enjoy your Spring Break!!

Rose said...

I just came from Sherry's blog in Kansas City where she had snow this past weekend, too. Oh my goodness, I had no idea that there had been snow this weekend. I've been in Arizona for week, and when I came home it finally felt like spring in Illinois--my crocuses are blooming, too! I'll pass on your "bending" exercises:) I spent a few hours in the garden yesterday, and my muscles are still complaining.

Hope that snow has melted by now and you're enjoying some gardening time. And I hope the computer doctor can cure your computer soon--I'm lost without mine.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Rose, I'm sure you enjoyed a wonderful time in AZ! Were you able to take a few desert walks??

Isn't it wonderful that Spring is here (hopefully to stay!!) ;-)

I'm missing my computer like crazy, but it's probably a good time of year to have it out of the house! ha.

troutbirder said...

Oh my. Hope things clear up ok soon for you Shady. Looking forward to your springtime shady gardens. :)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi troutbirder. Thank you for your well-wishes.

I AM getting a lot of raking done! ;-) I've never had this type of computer problem before. A POX on the fellow that initiates viruses, etc.!! I should purchase a MAC! :-)

catmint said...

Hi SG, hope your computer's better soon. Enjoy the spring snow while it lasts. I usually collect leaves from the street each autumn but this year I have so much mulch still to dispose of that I will decline your kind offer! cheers, catmint

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Catmint, You do know that you're welcome to my excess leaves at any time! ha. And guess what? Not only is our snow is gone, but we're enjoying wonderfully warm temps this week!!

AND my computer is back home again! Yea!