Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Challenge: Countdown to Christmas! "G"

Have you ever wanted your own Greenhouse?
I have.  Although I don't foresee owning one at this point in time (or in this location),
this is the Very Next Best Thing!  :-)
I received the idea for using milk jugs from Kylee's (Our Little Acre) post on Wintersowing 2008.  Please click on the link above to visit her very informative post!   
The photo below was taken February 27, 2009 - during my first try at using Milk Jug Greenhouses during the winter.  (You can tell we experienced a rather mild winter that year.  No snow!)

To view my post on the subject (dated January 10, 2010), click this link.  (The link to Kylee on the 2010 post is no longer effective, however.)

My second post on this Great Greenhouse subject is dated October 8, 2010.  Here's the link!

Pardon this rather "ratty" photo of Gaillardia.  I think this is easily one of my favorite flowers for a partly sunny to full-sun location!  They are terribly easy to grow, reseed and they bloom, bloom, and bloom until frost!  The trouble is, they may "bloom themselves to death" if they aren't deadheaded and kept somewhat in check.  Although it's not terribly hard to find plants.  But if you want to begin them from seed (in the Winter Milk Jug Greenhouses!), it's a "Snap!"  :-)


One word of warning:  If you harvest your own seeds, you will not be guaranteed the offspring will look like its parent.

Check out the photos taken in 2010.

One Gaillardia "child"

 A second Gaillardia "child"

But look what happened This Year!
The grandchildren were fun to watch.  We had the same first two specimen above . . .
but look at this Grandchild!
(Oh!  Again, I must apologize for the photo - or more explicitly, for allowing the poor plant to look so terrible!)  I do hope he comes back next year!! 

Here's a cuter photo of another
"Grandchild" below.

Thank you for being Gracious to this Gardener this Summer.  It was a long, hot, dry summer... not very inspiring and, rather, quite Tiring!

DO try your hand at Winter Sowing in Milk Jugs, though!  I plan to begin January 1st.

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Happy Countdown!


Freda Cameron said...

Gaillardia loves my garden! I've grown several varieties and yes...the offspring may vary with all the pollinators promoting hanky-panky out there. The Tokajer and Burgundy are faves because of their height. I love Tizzy, but she didn't last too long. That said, I think that's the way of gaillardias--to continue via seeds.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Cameron! Thanks for your visit. I'm going to put your faves on my "2012 wish list!" ;-)

Rosemary said...

Shady I did try the milk jug green house with a version of plastic square containers and it worked beautifully...Years ago did have a home green house , heaven for a gardener. Still miss it..

Shady Gardener said...

Oh, Rosemary! Did you move? Why do you no longer have your greenhouse? I'm glad you're trying the winter sowing. :-)