Monday, December 19, 2011

Challenge: Countdown to Christmas - T

Toads (and frogs)
Ask Dave at The Home Garden about their value!
Here's his post on a Tree Frog (click the link).

Another great article was written by Lois Tilton and published on Dave's Garden.  Click the link!

This little fellow was spotted June 25, 2009 in my garden.  Cute photos?
Click to enlarge photo a bit.

Yes!  Toads eat insects, grubs, slugs, worms, and other invertebrates.  But truly are helpful in insect-control!  (Wish they'd wipe out rodents!)  ;-)
April 11, 2009

One might provide habitat, which most likely would be the chance to burrow in humus-rich soil and mulch.  However, one might provide a toad house.  It might range from a broken flower pot to a fancy, from-the-store "toad house."   Make sure there's a good supply of water handy, especially in drought conditions.  This might be any flat container on the ground.  I suspect toads enjoy my on-the-ground bird bath even more than the birds!  :-)

"Toad-ally Cool!" 

 (I know these next "little fellows" aren't Toads .  .  .
The following three photos showTree Frogs.
This one was found lurking in a wren house - May 2011!  :-)

The two below were spotted on the deck railing - Sept. 30, 2007

This is one of the tiniest little frogs I've ever seen!!
Photo taken June 27, 2007

 However, they do begin with "T"  - and they're very cute!

Still Counting Down to Christmas . . 
Do I sense Amphibians Lurking?
 . . . on the Family Room mantle?

on the Dining Room buffet  . . .  on the Living Room tray . . .
 . . . and in the bathroom?
Guarding the Guest bedroom . . .

 Watch Your Step!

On the dresser . . .

And no matter what, they all seem to say . . .


Still Counting Down . . .
May You Enjoy a TOAD-ALLY COOL Christmas Celebration!


Rose said...

Your house decor is toadally delightful, Shady:) Love the quote on the pillow. I'm always happy to welcome toads to my garden, too, and we usually have quite a few every summer. The grandkids get a big kick out of looking for them--one year I think we had 10 babies in one nesting spot. The only thing about them I don't like is that they tend to hide in pots and when I start planting containers, they like to jump out and startle me:)

Rosemary said...

Terrific I am so enjoying the alphabet count down........ makes me smile especially the T's

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Rose! I think I'd better get my grandchildren looking for baby toads!! :-) Love to think you're abounding in them!

Hi Rose! Terrific you continue the visits!

Christine @ The Gardening Blog said...

Oh the toads are gorgeous ... the real and the ornamental :)

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Christine! Thanks! ;-)